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I accept a limited number of engagements, most of them within driving distance from St. Louis, Missouri. Estimate fees at $1 per attendee, plus expenses, with a $100 minimum. A deposit is required to guarantee your date. I typically donate the proceeds from book sales to the church, group, or ministry that hosts me, but financial arrangements are negotiable.

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Dr. Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. She credits God and her husband of 21 years for the time to write, speak, and homeschool too. While she doesn’t practice anymore, she does share sanity-saving ideas at Psychowith6.

Melanie has authored numerous booklets for Lutheran Hour Ministries as well as articles for Woman’s Day magazine, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and other publications. She wrote the book, So You’re Not Wonder Woman, detailing the failure of psychology to change her own life.

Melanie is a regular presenter at women’s retreats and homeschool conferences and now hosts a podcast for homeschoolers, The Homeschool Sanity Show. She’s also a regular guest on KFUO’s Faith & Family program.

Melanie is passionate about searching for answers to life’s greatest challenges in the pages of God’s Word. She loves to scrapbook, play tennis, and laugh.

My most popular presentations include:

So You’re Not Wonder Woman?

I’ve done this talk in 30 minutes to an entire weekend. Loaded with humor, Wonder Woman is presented as a Bible-based object lesson that can help Christian women get organized and make important life changes. Appropriate for homeschool and Christian women’s groups.

How to Quiet Your Crazy-Makers

This one-hour Bible study based on the book of 1 Samuel is immensely helpful to those in the midst of dealing with difficult people. Attendees learn to identify their crazy-makers and learn lots of God-honoring tips for dealing with them.

Words of a Wise Woman

A one-hour Bible study that engages women around an unusual means of discussing gossip and complaining–a children’s book about an armadillo. Ladies come away rethinking their definition of gossip and wanting to buy the book for their daughters and grand-daughters.

Faith for Our Freakouts

A one-hour session on fear, this Bible-based presentation helps women identify the roots of fear and God’s prescription for it. Using powerful video illustrations, the talk will help attendees understand what’s really involved in choosing faith or freak outs.

De-stress With Style

This fun, interactive talk works well for women’s retreats. Women take a personality inventory and later discuss stress management techniques with others just like them. I’m a CLASS trained speaker, using the personality types made popular by Florence Littauer.

Help for the Unmotivated Homeschooler

This one-hour talk is helpful for both unmotivated home educators and for their students. By examining the roots of the motivation problem, we can find solutions for getting back to learning.


I’ve given talks on dating, marriage, parenting, peace, life balance, homeschooling gifted kids, homeschooling anxious children, coping with illness, reaching out to lonely people, meal planning and much more. I’m happy to create a custom presentation for your event.

Upcoming presentations include Help for Holly Hobbies and How to Wait Without Whining.

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