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The real cure for time management anxiety -- something to pin and read any time I'm overwhelmed

Loren Pinilis guest posts today. His blog keeps me focused on the one thing that really matters. I highly recommend pinning or saving his post for days when you’re overwhelmed by it all. I know I will be.

In the hustle of our modern world, no one has enough time. No one manages their time as well as they’d like. We read books, articles, and blog posts looking for that next tip or trick or system that will help us to be a little more productive.

But why do we have this anxiety? What are we really seeking?

If you dig deeply enough, I’m convinced we’re not anxious about how much we get done. We’re really concerned with how we feel.

We want to manage our time in such a way to avoid feelings of doubt, insecurity, and stress – while increasing our feelings of competence, worth, and success.

That’s what I want to focus on. Not the systems, but the mindset; not the tricks, but the perspective. Because if we’re honest, those answers are what we are truly chasing – those answers relieve our anxiety.

And for Christians, those answers are found by renewing our biblical worldview and connecting our faith to how we manage and think about our time.

Curing Busyness

Why are we so busy? Why do we load up our schedules with more, more, more?

The reason is because we’re seeking approval. We’re seeking to validate ourselves. We’re seeking to prove our worth.

We want to look in the mirror and feel great about who we are, and we want to receive praise and affection from others because of it.

But this is a harsh treadmill to jump on. We’re never quite where we want to be and are always fighting off impending feelings of failure.

Instead, as Christians, we have the solution – we just need to remember the truth. We already have God’s approval. We are beautifully created in his image. He loved us enough to die for us, and now when God looks at us He sees the righteousness of Christ.

Christ’s victory on the cross was so complete that no amount of work or busyness from us is going to make God love us any more or less. This allows us to breathe a sigh of relief – and for once, to truly relax.

Curing a Lack of Motivation

But when we truly grasp what God has done for us, our proper reaction is not one of passivity. We are now infused with new motivation, new gratitude, and a new fire in our lives.

Our love now propels us forward – not because we think we can repay God, but because it is our pleasure to serve Him. Our days now have meaning as we love God and love others.

Because we are forgiven and accepted in Christ, we are free to take risks. We’re free to be ambitious for God, to plan great things, and to fearlessly launch ourselves forward knowing we could fall flat on our face. The fear of failure loses its power.

Curing Unrealistic Expectations

Finally, the Bible allows us to break free from the tyranny of our own expectations and standards. God’s model of success is one based on stewardship: being faithful with what you have been given.

God understands we are limited, finite, created beings. He’s not going to expect us to do 36 hours of work in a 24-hour day. He knows we must sleep (He created us that way). He knows our capabilities. He knows our strengths and weaknesses.

Add to God’s supreme knowledge the reality of his supreme power: God controls everything. Every obstacle and obligation that comes our way is under the sovereign hand of God.

Knowing this, we can release ourselves to strive for the best that we can do – and leave the rest up to Him.

How do you think remembering these realities will change the way you live?

Loren Pinilis operates Life of a Steward, a site about time management from a Christian perspective. He is passionate about showing busy, stressed people that the solution to their anxiety isn’t time management but a deeper understanding of the gospel.