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For me, Sundays are about what is sacred. Beginning the day
by praying about the upcoming church service was rewarding. So often I have
had expectations about what the service should be like and what I should get
out of it, but I haven’t prayed! Today’s service was exactly what I needed. I
was conscious of trying to greet friends and to find out how they’re doing. I
enjoyed a good laugh when my 3yo went nuts when an Elmo was prayed for. He kept
repeating Elmo and said, “I like that!”

Cooking for my family was another sacred part of my day. I
started off making dh (and myself) my favorite coffee drink and then made
something new (cream cheese and raspberry tarts).  We had a delicious lunch of sprouted hot dog
buns spread with pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozzarella toasted in the
oven. My dd and I grocery shopped today and I decided that next week I would
like to get my shopping done on Saturday if possible to reserve Sundays for
more relaxed activities. I made another apple pie this afternoon that I am
convinced would have won the pie contest last week. LOL The kids thought so

I am so thankful to God on this sacred Sunday for the many
blessings I have: a healthy family, a continuing restoration of my health, spiritual
growth in me and my family, a loving church home, and God’s abundant provision.
May all your Sundays be sacred, too.

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