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My fellow blogger, Gregg, asked me to complete a meme. Okay, I will admit I have no idea what a meme is, but I do know six absolutely unspectacular things about myself. I think.  IMG_9676

1. I prefer to wear grandma-like jammies. You would think I was saying I am not a good customer of Victoria's Secret, but the jammies I am wearing here are VS ones that I got an amazing deal on.
2. I am a technology addict. I start trembling whenever I hear the latest gadget is out because I am just sure it will change my life. I will spend hours researching the best gadgets and finding the best prices. The gadget in the picture is an Epson MovieMate. I love it! We've watched movies theater-style at home, outside, and used it numerous times for Bible study groups. Yep, I got a great deal on it, too!
3. I am very uncomfortable in social situations where I don't know many people. When I get to know you, you can't shut me up, but when I walk into a group my old grade school rejection issues rear their ugly head and I feel fairly paralyzed. I am greatly relieved when someone talks to me first so I don't have to pretend like I am completely engrossed by one of my gadgets.
4. Before I had them, I never really liked children. I wasn't dying to babysit anyone else's children (though I did sometimes) and I had no interest in child psychology. When other people brought their children over to my house, I was more concerned with what their messy snacks had done to my white carpeting than I was with how cute they were. Things change. LOL
5. This is a really big one for me. I was baptized in the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints, the church my mother attended growing up, when I was 18. No, it isn't the Mormon church, but it was an early off-shoot of it. I loved the humble, generous people who attended this tiny church. They were so good to me! But I didn't like the persecution I experienced because of my connection with that faith. I honestly had no idea what the doctrine was in comparison to other faiths. I just knew they were wonderful people who cared about me. I attended an ELCA (Lutheran) college and when some of the students in my worship class found out I was a member of the RLDS church, they attacked me en masse. It was a horrible experience that added to my reticence to speak first in groups. I learned never to mention it. I have been a Missouri-synod Lutheran for 16 years and I STILL never mention my early church association. So now I have! The RLDS church has since changed their name because of its association of its previous name with the Mormon church. By the way, I attended a Presbyterian church until I was in first grade.
6. I love to sing. Most of my life that was my primary hobby. I sang to the cows at home. They weren't gone so I didn't have to sing until they came home. I sang the lead role in several musicals, sang in the choir, and earned highest honors in vocal competition in high school. I dreamed of being a professional singer. But I got busy doing other things and over the years I lost a lot of my range. I think allergies made it hard for me to sing, too. Recently my voice has improved and I had a lot of fun singing karaoke at my mom's wedding. Actually, I think they had to pull the mic out of my hands. I hope to try out for one of our church's musicals in the future.

Okay, so now the meme's rules are I have to tag six other bloggers. So I tag BarbieWendyRobinMell, Dana, and Jena. If you don't want to do it, then we won't be friends anymore. Just kidding! 

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