Can Daily Reflection Help You Get the Right Things Done?

Can Daily Reflection Help You Get the Right Things Done?

Can Daily Reflection Help You Get the Right Things Done? Check out two different approaches.While a traditional list can remind you of what to do, daily reflection can help you determine if you’re doing the right things. At the end of the day, you may have everything crossed off your list, but you are left with this nagging feeling that you let someone down. Maybe that someone was you.

Or regardless of how much you accomplished, you’re worried about tomorrow. A traditional to-do list can’t help you there.

I don’t want to go mindlessly through my days, checking off tasks. I want to stop and think about what I’m doing and why. I’ve  found both a digital and an analog tool for reflection that I recommend.

Note: If you are a follower of this blog and wonder where I’ve been, read to the end for an update.

A prayer journal that puts worry in its place

Prayer Journal

I was given this little prayer journal as a speaker thank-you gift. You can imagine I have a lot of these kinds of things hanging around. But I was blown away by the power of this simple journal.

I use mine at night and answer the following questions:

  • How did I experience God today?
  • What worries do I need to turn over to God?
  • Thank you God for…

There is a space for a written prayer to God and then a later reflection on that prayer. There are also Scriptures for reflection.

Why I’m Crazy About It

  • Every day I’m directed to think about how God spoke to me. As a Christian, that is how I determine if I am doing the right things. I’m surprised every time that I haven’t thought about it, until reflecting on the question.
  • Turning over my worries to God each evening preserves my sleep and saves me time I can devote to doing the right things.
  • It trains me to pray about everything.

The Five Minute Journal -- make sure you're doing the right things today.

The 5 Minute Journal

I needed another journaling app like I needed another hobby, but I read about it in a Chandler Bolt email and he was really enthusiastic. I had to see what he was so excited about. The iOS app reminded me to journal without me having to set up reminders. Like the Prayer Journal, 5 Minute Journal asks what you’re grateful for, but is proactive in the morning, asking what would make today great. I’m also asked for a daily affirmation (a little positive labeling is good to counteract all the negative).

In the evening, I’m asked for 3 amazing things that happened today and how I could have made today better. It has the capability of adding a photo, but since I already use Project Life to document my year, I don’t use that aspect of the app.

Why I’m Crazy About It

  • I love being reminded to reflect by my phone. When I get the reminder, I’m excited to answer the questions.
  • The questions put me in a good mood. All of them have a positive focus.
  • I like to see if I end up doing what I thought would make today great. You aren’t looking at what you wrote when you answer the question. You will eventually see some patterns.

Don’t have an iOS device? The 5 Minute Journal has been published in book form, too.

What tools do you use for daily reflection?


A productivity pal recently asked me, “What happened to you?” Fair question! It’s been six months since I’ve blogged regularly about productivity. I’ll give you the answer in bullet form (you know, to save time).

  • I’ve been spending most of my writing time creating elementary curriculum. Productivity posts have taken a back seat.
  • I didn’t feel I had the right to blog about productivity until my A Year of Living Productively ebook was done. I’ve since determined that this makes no sense.
  • I got stuck writing the ebook because I thought I had to say something new. Since there is nothing new under the sun, I had a dilemma. My current plan for the book is to organize my blog posts for easy readability with an update on how the various productivity hacks are working for me now. The goal is to have the book ready on Amazon by the end of the year. It will be free!

Looking forward to connecting with you regularly. You can find me on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. You can also subscribe to productivity-only posts on this blog. You’ll be the first to know when the book is ready.

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