Why You Should Consider America From the Beginning to Teach American History

Why You Should Consider America From the Beginning to Teach American History

America from the Beginning


I’ve written before about being a huge fan of Mystery of History. This year as we were finished with all three volumes and planned to do Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations, I was really disappointed that Volume IV wasn’t yet available. This volume of Mystery of History will cover American History and events around the world that coincided. I can’t even imagine writing a history curriculum, so I completely understand that it takes time. However, I needed a good American History curriculum this year.

I Took a Chance on America from the Beginning

I do American History with my first through seventh graders, so I needed something that appeals to wide age ranges. I purchased a text at my local homeschool expo, but I wasn’t thrilled. When I received an email from Answers in Genesis that they had a new American History curriculum coming out in the fall of this school year, I was intrigued. Because I couldn’t really look through it before I purchased it, I was a little nervous, but made the purchase because of my great experience with AIG curriculum in the past. I’m so glad I did.

Why America from the Beginning Might Work for You

Like everything Answers in Genesis publishes, America from the Beginning is written from a Christian, non-evolutionary perspective. I really appreciate that it’s truly a history curriculum, however, not delving into Bible or science in depth.

I wasn’t looking for history-related activities because we do a wide range of activities every Friday in our co-op. But this curriculum has them if you want them and they’re not crazy like, “Build a model life-sized log cabin.” Map activities and easy-to-do extensions of the lesson are included. What’s wonderful is that you can easily skip them as we do without missing out on what’s great about this curriculum.

I read the lessons aloud to my kids and each one takes me less than fifteen minutes. There are many colorful photos that keep the interest of my youngest. The material is organized in a story-telling fashion, much like Mystery of History. However, there are features to America from the Beginning that we love that are new to us:

  • A preview of what we’ll be learning in each unit. This is great for identifying subjects we’ve covered before and helps students attend to the lessons.
  • Comprehension questions at the end of each lesson. I absolutely love this. My kids are motivated to listen because they know I will be asking them these questions. Honestly, I have to go back to the material to get the correct answers sometimes, which further adds to our learning.
  • Big picture reviews of each unit. There are not only comprehension questions, but narratives that give kids perspective on what they’ve just learned.

Special Considerations

If you have a child working independently, I do think he would enjoy the reading. But he might not be as excited about writing the answers to the comprehension questions. I have the teacher’s manual, but have never used it. I tend to use teacher’s manuals very rarely, so I can’t speak to whether you would like it if you’re a manual person. It’s only $4 when you buy the curriculum kit, however.

Would you like to own the student book?

As I mentioned above, the student book is all we use and we love it. For some reason, I ended up with two of them. I most likely paid for both. (Don’t tell my husband.) The book sells for $55. I’d like to give this away to one blessed reader. I’m asking the Lord to ensure it goes to the right person. Please participate in the Rafflecopter below by letting me know why you’d like to try this curriculum and letting others know about Psychowith6. I love to encourage other homeschoolers.
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How to Teach Kids to Defend Their Faith

How to Teach Kids to Defend Their Faith

Teach Your Kids to defend their faithThere are a number of great resources for teaching apologetics today and what a blessing that is! As a Christian homeschooler who believes in a literal interpretation of Genesis, I am a huge fan of Answers for Kids. While it’s listed as appropriate for ages 8-11, I have used it comfortably with my five youngest, ages 5-13. Few Bible curriculums I have used are as well suited to multiple ages.

Answers for Kids

One of the best features of the curriculum for us is that it includes colorful graphics on the included CD that grab my kids’ attention. We attach our laptop to our TV in the school room so everyone can see. Doing this also allows us to quickly read the associated Bible passages online.  I have my kids take turns reading them and treat doing so as a privilege to be earned once he can read. I have just one more child to go!

Another excellent feature of Answers for Kids is the repetition. We use a number of different resources for teaching Bible and don’t use them every day. The review is a refresher for the kids and me, too!

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in apologetics, but I have learned new things as I’ve taught the kids. In fact, sometimes the kids have to try to get my attention as I start reading without them! This relates to why I think Answers for Kids is a great Motivated Homeschooler resource: Motivated teachers beget motivated students. If you love it, your kids are likely to love it, too.

Our duty as Christian homeschoolers isn’t just to shelter and protect, but also to equip them to defend their faith.

Finally, this curriculum addresses the challenges to faith our kids are likely to encounter in the future.  Answers for Kids is an excellent elementary to junior high weapon for spiritual warfare. Answers in Genesis has a number of other materials I would recommend.

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What resources do you use to teach apologetics?

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