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We’re always being told not to try and be Wonder Woman, but that’s exactly who I want to be! While we are ordinary women who will never be perfect, God created us to be extraordinary in His Super Power. 

This blog and the book that inspired it, So You’re Not Wonder Woman are dedicated to helping women:

  • Get organized
  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve optimal fitness
  • Find joy in daily living
  • Improve relationships, and
  • Grow spiritually

I’m a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six who writes and speaks for myself first. I research what I most need to know as a woman who struggles and then share my best tips with you. If you’re a fellow Wonder Woman (or even just a wannabe), please leave a link to your blog here. I’d love to learn from you!

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Don’t Let ‘Em Steal Your Joy!

Don’t Let ‘Em Steal Your Joy!


Maybe, like me, you have so many reasons to be joyful, but it seems that someone or something seems to run off with this spiritual treasure. What can we do to stop 'em from stealing our joy?

  • Quit doing business with them. In our local news lately have been reports of home invasions that strike fear in the hearts of neighbors. The fact that the criminals were doing business with the victim makes everyone feel a little bit more at ease. We can feel safer emotionally by choosing not to do business with people who attack us verbally or physically or who only make emotional withdrawals, never deposits.
  • Claim your right to the joy. Some theft victims are reluctant to press charges because they feel guilty for having so much. We are never to feel guilt for having joy, even if others are depressed. We may not be able to share our joy, but we can share its Source.
  • Stop stealing from yourself. I've had my share of things stolen, but I've robbed myself of more than any thief has. I haven't taken care of my belongings and they've been misplaced or destroyed. In the same way, we can steal our own joy by not taking care of ourselves. Joy is harder to come by when we don't have optimal sleep, nutrition, or exercise.
  • Use a security system. Most of the times I've been robbed have been when I've left a car door unlocked or left my valuables in plain sight. We don't have to hide from others to keep our joy, but we do need a security system. God's Word is not only an inexhaustible source of joy, but it's a weapon we can use to ward off the lies the con men use to get access to our treasure. The Bible is the best security system there is, but even it won't be effective if we keep letting the thieves in the door through the media we take in. 

Have you found any other ways of keeping your joy, short of gun ownership? 😉

You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. (Hebrews 10:34)

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Goals Be Gone!

Goals Be Gone!


I should have listened to Gregg and stayed list-less! Even a goal list can give me fits. I found myself feeling guilty and avoiding things that I honestly want to do simply because it was on my list! It has me agreeing with a woman in Playa del Carmen this January who told me, "I don't know what your experience has been, but I think psychologists are pretty crazy." Imagine the look on her face when I told her I was a psychologist. LOL But I couldn't have agreed more!

I'm going to adopt my 4yo's philosophy of life–I'm just going to go after what I want. It's what I was doing for four months and I was never happier. In fact, I am going back to making a happiness list. I have a dated journal that I will be writing in most evenings. It's such good therapy for me! My happiness list is a no-pressure way of looking not only for things to be grateful for but things I've accomplished.

Big on my list today was surprising my kids by taking them to a new restaurant. I ordered them into the car with shoes and coats on. The oldest were certain that I was taking them to the dentist. LOL I even took time to turn the car around so the 4yo could see the neighbors' snowman. I have also enjoyed starting a sane organization of digital photos (I'm putting them in folders by year and month and noting any special events in the file name, but that is ALL!). Thank you Bit Literacy by Mark Hurst! Finally, I'm happy that the summer I spent writing So You're Not Wonder Woman was not wasted on an acquaintance I talked with tonight. She was so glad that I was real in the book. She makes me want to be real ALL the time.

I'll check back next December and see how many of those goals I accomplished. Right now I plan to accomplish some dessert. LOL My little guy is making me hungry!

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