Easy Ways to Make Math Fun

Easy Ways to Make Math Fun

Math hasn’t been much of a hassle in my house, probably because we keep it fun.

We’ve done timed speed tests using Learn Math Fast, played great board games like Sum Swamp, and use Life of Fred which adds humor.

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Here are some more games to make math fun, including board games, printable games, and DIY games.

Multiplication Practice Paperfolding by Kids Activities Blog – By simply folding some paper into cootie catchers, you can actually create an informative math game for students focusing on anything from addition to fractions.

Math Wall Stickers (Reusable!) – Play with math on the walls! This set of reuseable wall decals are a great way to turn math into an interactive experience. Play Simon Says with math on the wall! “Simon says show one half.” Love it!!

3D Lego Multiplication Graph via Frugal Fun for Boys – We love Lego, but did you know because of their shape they are great tools for multiplication? This graph will help kids visualize multiplication in three dimensions.



Numbers & Counting Quiet Cubes Game – This game designed for ages 4-7 uses dice rolls to help teach ABCs, counting and basic addition. The best part is the foam dice are designed to be super duper quiet for a truly peaceful learning experience!

Math Explosion Volcano Game – With this fascinating game, players are able to customize math facts with a math fact creator so that players of all ages can play for many years to come. Be the first player to explode the volcano by getting your math facts correct!

volcano math game

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Connect Four Bingo GameEveryone loves Bingo, and when you can take a game that’s already fun and turn it into something educational everyone wins. Children will be paying close attention so they can be the first to exclaim BINGO!

Aliens on Vacation multiplication game by Deceptively Educational – This printable board game requires a little setup, but it provides children with a chance to put their math skills to the test to get their alien home from vacation.

Factors and Multiples Games – Play Monster Mash! A game that helps students understand greatest common factors and lowest common multiples.

factors and multiples game

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Crazy Daisy Multiplication via Deceptively Educational- Looking for something a little more cute? The Crazy Daisy Multiplication printable math game will help kids visualize solutions as they color in a crazy daisy.

Whack It! Place Value Math GameIt’s no secret that kids love any game where they can get a little bit physical and give things a good whack, so why not teach math at the same time? This game helps with place values, but can be adjusted for other lessons.


What are your favorite ways to keep math fun?

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Teach Math to Learn Math

Teach Math to Learn Math

After teaching my daughter the Learn Math Fast method for subtracting single digit numbers, my daughter came up with this slightly different approach. Of course, we want kids to have these math facts memorized, but in the meantime, it’s helpful for them to have a quick method for solving the problems.

Without any prompting from me, my daughter started teaching her younger brother and her friend “her method” for subtracting single digit numbers. She was so excited about math! Why? I would argue that she feels competent. We are always more motivated to pursue activities we feel capable in. If your child is struggling in a subject, have him teach someone who is behind him in ability. Or consider letting your child make a YouTube video!

The added benefit of letting your child teach is the learners get motivated, too. My daughter’s friend was very excited about this math method and the video they made of it. You still have time to enter the Learn Math Fast giveaway!

Have you had success having your child teach a subject? Tell us about it!

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Help! My Child’s Behind in Math

Help! My Child’s Behind in Math

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I’ve shared my enthusiasm for Learn Math Fast as a means of learning math facts, but it’s also a great method for kids who are behind grade level in math. I asked the author to guest post on the subject and I was thrilled when she agreed. I have Volume I of Learn Math Fast (a $45 value) to give away by April 1st. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and best wishes!

by JK Mergens

Homeschooling your child can be a beautiful journey full of magical moments, but for some, teaching math isn’t one of them.

Many families have told me how they have tried nearly every math curriculum out there.  They’ve tried manipulatives, worksheets,  DVDs, online programs, and nothing has worked for their struggling, older child.  The clock is ticking; high school is only a couple years away.  What are parents to do when they discover their 7th grader is barely passing 3rd grade math?  How can they possibly make up 5 years of math by next year?  How do you convince a 12-year-old boy that he needs to read a first grade math book, adorned with cartoon animals and big, puffy letters?  When you feel your child needs to start over from the beginning and actually learn math, instead of guessing or counting on their fingers, you should try the Learn Math Fast System.

The Learn Math Fast System has a unique approach to explaining math–one that is working for hundreds of homeschooling families across America.

The system consists of four paperback books and one geometry kit.  It is designed to be read from page one, which starts with first grade math, all the way through to the end of book four, getting your child caught up to eighth grade math in about a year.

How is this possible?  The Learn Math Fast System focuses on the most important concepts in math and cuts out all the filler and fluff.  The math facts are taught using a systematic approach to ensure that all gaps are filled in, giving students a solid foundation along with an understanding of higher math.

It doesn’t matter if mom and dad are rusty in math, the Learn Math Fast System assumes the reader is new to each concept.  All answers include full solutions, so you aren’t left wondering how to get the right answer.  And if you need additional help, you can contact the author via email anytime.

If you like the fun, casual math in the Life of Fred books, the high school preparedness of Saxon math, and the success of Singapore Math, then you will love the Learn Math Fast System It can successfully prepare your child for high school math in about a year, with a fun, casual program.

The giveaway is over, but you can save $5 on this system with code DRMEL at the website.


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How to Teach Math Facts Fast

How to Teach Math Facts Fast

How to Teach Math Facts Fast

I think I have tried just about everything to teach my kids their math facts–flash cards, repetitive curriculum, electronics, games, pictures, and software. The problem isn’t so much teaching them as it is the kids retaining them.

While I am happy with my current math curriculum, I decided to give Learn Math Fast a try. The basic setup for book one is:

  • Teaching using money
  • A worksheet on the facts
  • A timed test on the facts

Competition Can Motivate

My children are competitive. While I know many homeschoolers aren’t wild about competition, I have seen the value of it in teaching–even when the only way you are competing is with yourself.

I time each of the kids with my iPhone (it’s my version of a Swiss Army knife). They know when their siblings have completed the test under the time limit. They also know how much time they have to shave off to come in under the time limit set in the book.

Rewards Can Motivate

Yep! Learning is self-motivating, but offering my kids a small reward for passing the timed test has them begging me to learn their math facts. Not even the math video games they’ve played have had that effect. The combination of competition and rewards has been a winner for me.

The Results?

My kindergartner and second grader know their addition and subtraction facts cold. The upper elementary kids are making progress on multiplication and division. I expect them to really get them down when their younger siblings start learning them.

When it comes to motivating kids, timed tests, competitions, and rewards can be very effective!

Do you want to give Learn Math Fast a try or could you get the same results using your current curriculum or flash cards? Do you have any tried-and-true tips?

Through 12/5/15, get $5 off one book using code JUST1BOOK or $20 off the 7-book set with code ALL7BOOKS at LearnMathFast.
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