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Img_9367It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since you were born. I cherish every one of those 700+ days. Days of nursing you, changing you, bathing you, rocking you, singing to you, reading to you, playing with you, correcting you, listening to you, teaching you, praying with you, talking to you, laughing with you, crying with you, watching you, delighting in you. 

At two you are still a bear-toting, thumb-sucking, mostly milk-drinking, diaper-wearing, no-talking, no-kissing kinda guy. But you’re growing up. You help with chores, "read" books, watch a bit of TV, color, say "brudder," get thrown on the bed and swing on the swing without fear. For two years I have carried you, but now you walk beside me holding my hand. Two with you is terrific.

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