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We recently redecorated our basement (pics will be coming soon). In the window sill I found this ball.

I was ready to put it in the giveaway box, but couldn’t. I learned a lot from this crystal ball.

I grew up mostly feeling poor. Don’t get me wrong. We always had the necessities. But the wants were sometimes left wanting. In my first years out of college, even my needs were sometimes left wanting.

So when I was first married, I felt like a rich woman. My definition of rich meant I could buy anything I took a fancy to. Actually, I thought I SHOULD buy anything I took a fancy to. I was at a glass gallery one day and saw this ball. It was one of a kind and kind of cool. I had no idea what I would do with it, but that didn’t matter. I could afford it so I bought it. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for it. I put it on a shelf for a couple of years and honestly thought it didn’t fit with our décor. I kept putting it in a less and less conspicuous spot until I couldn’t see it anymore.

After finding it in the basement I decided to put it front and center on my desk–not because I like it, but to remind me of my foolishness. Wealth doesn’t mean over paying for useless clutter. It means paying as little as possible for the things you will really use and treasure. If this had been a real crystal ball, it might have told me that my true wealth would be found in my faith, family, and friends. One thing I do like about this ball is that you can see yourself in it, but you are very, very small. It’s as though it’s saying, “You can be truly rich by thinking of yourself less.”

What was one of your most foolish purchases?
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