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It seems Christmas has become more and more controversial. It’s as if Christians have to apologize for their beliefs. Have you noticed that? Christ did come to bring peace on earth, but not quite yet. For now, the controversy will remain and will heat up. These events are clearly foretold in the Bible.

In So You’re Not Wonder Woman?, I share about my experience with an Answers in Genesis video that changed the way I saw the Bible. I attended public schools throughout my education with the exception of three years at a private Christian college. During the course of my school years (even in the Christian college), the idea that evolution (and not God’s Word) was fact was reinforced or at least never refuted.

As someone who believed that God created us, I had a dilemma. Was God really the creator? Or did we change from single-celled organisms over the course of millions of years? I decided that somehow BOTH were true and I just couldn’t explain it. That was when I discovered Answers in Genesis and the wonderful truth that I could actually believe God’s account of our beginnings in Genesis. I learned that it is logically impossible to believe in both God and evolution. To believe in evolution AND God is to believe that death happened before Adam and Eve sinned. To believe in evolution is to believe that God’s creation from the very beginning wasn’t good. Instead, it was kill or be killed. Of course, one could argue that they believe in God, but not a literal Genesis; that they believe in a creator God who used evolution to create. At what point in the Bible then does God start telling the truth? Why believe any of it? I could discuss this at length, but suffice to say that when I learned God’s Word could be trusted, I was very relieved. (At this point, please allow me to point out that I am discussing evolution between species, not within. Species adapt and change over time. You won’t get any argument from any thinking person on that).

Despite being a Ph.D., however, there were many, many questions I didn’t have answers to. I didn’t have the questions; others did. What about the fossil record that “proves” evolution, for example? Since meeting Dr. Carl Werner, however, I am thrilled that I now have more answers! Carl is a prodigy who graduated from medical school at the age of 23. Wow! He is an ER physician who has devoted the last 11 years of his life with his photographer/videographer wife traversing the planet investigating evolution. Like me, Carl believed that evolution was fact. He set about to find the evidence to prove it. He has interviewed leading scientists, has studied thousands of museum fossils and has visited dinosaur dig sites. The amount of data he has accumulated is mind boggling.

Over the course of his long search for proof of evolution, Carl discovered there isn’t any. What a bold statement that is, I know! But so profound was the lack of evidence that Carl came to believe that God’s Word was truth. This book is a summary of some of his findings. A second volume in the series is coming out this spring. Carl is praying that a documentary series he has planned using his many hours of video & photographic evidence will be aired. My family and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Carl and were honestly blown away. I really didn’t think he could tell me anything I didn’t already know. I was so wrong! My 12yo seemed most affected by what he heard. He had often asked questions about evolution with what appeared to be some skepticism about a creationist view. After our meeting with Carl, I think I saw his faith grow before my eyes.

I believe everyone ought to read this book. It is designed for a 6th grade reading level and above. It is chock full of beautiful photographs and doesn’t take long to read. You’ll discover that fossils of animals that were supposed to have evolved much later than dinosaurs (like mammals!) have actually been found with dinosaur fossils over and over again. If you haven’t heard that, it’s because it doesn’t support the theory of evolution so isn’t discussed. The other main reason you don’t hear about these finds is because animals that are 99% if not 100% identical to modern species are renamed as though they are a new prehistoric species, sometimes being put into a completely different genus (classification group). On what basis you ask? Simply at the whim of the one who discovers the fossil. He or she chooses the name and decides where it fits in the classification system. Colleagues in the field see that Dr. Joe named a fossil that looks JUST like our modern possum a neverseenbeforewhatchamacallit and the colleagues don’t point out that it’s a POSSUM because it doesn’t fit the theory and because they don’t want Dr. Joe interfering with their right to attention and money for renaming a dog fossil a nothersupernewcreaturite.

Until I spoke with Carl, I’ve always felt too stupid to understand how animal and plant species are classified. I understood mammals, reptiles, fish, etc., but that’s about it! Now I know that it’s not stupid to think that the Emperor is wearing no clothes! A possum fossil found with dinosaurs is in fact a possum! Carl’s research and interviews also demonstrate that the fossils that supposedly show us the “missing links” between one kind of animal and another have also been subject to the same kind of subjective speculation. I’ve always assumed that there is a way of determining in a way that can be replicated by others what an animal must have looked like simply from its skeleton/fossil. Of course, there is in large part. But Carl interviewed the man who discovered evolution’s best evidence (a hyena-like creature evolving into a whale). The fossil was supposed to be half-whale, half land mammal, but had no tail bones. The scientist admitted that he just “decided” that it had a tail and drew one in. More recently, however, he’s changed his mind.

Of course, I am just scratching the surface of what you can learn from Carl’s books. I believe there is no one in the world more knowledgeable about evolution and its evidence than Carl Werner. If he can’t prove its validity, who can? If you have ever felt apologetic about your faith’s view on the origins of life or if you can’t imagine that evolution isn’t well established fact, please order a copy of Carl’s book today. Better yet, order one as a gift for those on both sides of the issue. You may be giving someone the gift of unapologetic faith.