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Mark was eager to get to his email this Monday morning, as he was every weekday morning. His work as a sales rep for library book publishers and jobbers energized him. For one thing, he could arrive at his home office desk in wrinkled clothes with his hair sticking out in every direction well after 8 a.m., and he usually did. For another, he could find news of big incoming orders via his inbox or phone. He couldn’t wait to get to it, coffee mug in hand.

On this particular Monday morning, he was logged in to his Gmail account, relishing his reading and returning of messages from customers he considered his friends. He wouldn’t have wanted to admit it, but his work also provided an escape from the hubbub in the main house where his wife, in-laws, and six children were enjoying a late breakfast. Perhaps his high expectations for the day was what made the interruption of his Internet service so annoying.

All of a sudden, everything locked up. He suspected that the AT&T U-Verse service that was installed in January was responsible. He hated having to learn new channel numbers ever since then and the occasional interruptions in Internet and phone service irritated him to no end. There was only one thing to do–ask his wife, Melanie, to fix it.

—to be continued

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