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Miss Chapter 1? Here it is. IMG_0227

Mark often called his wife, Melanie, the Web Master. He could handle email, but that was about it. If there were any technical difficulties, he could be heard bellowing her name. The two of them had laughed about the computer guy skit on Saturday Night Live because that's often how she treated him. "Move!" she'd say, and shake her head with disgust about the simple solution required to his computer woes.

When Mark went into the house to report the problem to the Web Master, he was quick to report that he had rebooted. Melanie had taken to telling Mark that she wouldn't even talk to him unless he had first rebooted. Melanie was disappointed that she had yet another "crisis" to resolve and right when she was enjoying her visit with her mother and her mother's husband. But she figured it wouldn't take long to fix. It never did.

Although the U-Verse television was working perfectly, she decided to reboot the office receiver. Of course, Mark hadn't thought to do that. She also plugged the long ethernet cable back into the receiver and computer, just in case something had come loose. Just the day before the DVR had stopped working when the kids accidentally unplugged it. She did not intend to call AT&T only to shamefully report that the equipment wasn't connected properly!

She expected that to solve the problem, so she was surprised when the computer continued to give her the error message that a network cable was unplugged (in case you're half asleep, this is why this novella is called the Great Network Mystery).

…to be continued

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