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Melanie was hoping Mark was going to change his channel now that his Internet was up and running, but no such luck. He appeared in their bedroom closet talking about it once again. He reported that he knew why their Internet wasn't working in the first place. Melanie wasn't too sure that her tech-phobic husband had any idea about anything to do with the Internet, but she listened politely. Mark said he was in the office and caught Daisy, their dog, chewing away on the new cable. Fortunately, he reported that the Internet was still working despite the bites.

Melanie was relieved and glad to know that brand new cables don't just stop working. But she wasn't particularly thrilled when she learned that enough chewing had gone on that eventually the new cable quit working, too. Turns out that she would have had to buy a new 50-foot cable as the 25-foot one was too short anyway. 

Mark sent Melanie back to the store for a new cable promising that he could tape it up out of Daisy's reach. Two more U-verse service calls later (unrelated to cable chewing), Melanie and Mark are hopeful to be connected to the world wide web indefinitely and look forward to solving more mysteries together.


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