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If you’re a blogger, have you ever wondered:

  • If you’re wasting your time blogging?
  • If what you write really matters?
  • If blogging is the best way to reach your goals?

I have!

I’ve looked at my social media stats and I’ve wondered if I could save time saying things that no one pays attention to by just talking to my family–and skipping the blogging.

The cricket chirping sound really shouldn’t bother me. As a booklet and freelance writer, I never received immediate feedback on my work from anyone but my mom. Thanks, Mom!

Blogging without feedback though (comments, shares, and likes) feels eerily like getting chosen last by the team captain for the sport du jour when I was a kid: bad. Really bad. This experience motivated thousands of students to GRADUATE.

And so I have considered graduating from blogging to hobbies that have a higher rate of return–hobbies like baking. I make the occasional inedible bomb, but for the most part my family and guests rave, “Amazing! Delicious! Can I have the recipe?” My online concoctions rarely receive these five-star ratings. (Before anyone suggests that I blog about my recipes, I need to admit that they’re not mine. They’re AllRecipes‘.)

A Reason to Quit

The lack of readers isn’t the real reason I’ve considered quitting, however. I haven’t been promoting my blog for long at all. I haven’t dedicated the time it takes to build a following. If I am patient and build my blog, they will come. I think.

The real reason I’ve considered quitting is because I didn’t think blogging was big enough.

I’m an author. I self-published the book, So You’re Not Wonder Woman, that I recently learned has sales in the top 20% of all published books (never mind that that’s because 80% sell fewer than 100 copies). Books seem like a big deal to me. My life has been changed by books. My faith in God grew by leaps and bounds in reading George Mueller’s The Life of Trust; Being a Narrative of the Lord’s Dealings With George Müller. My health was restored through the book, A More Excellent Way w/ DVD. And my fears diminished when I read The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life
I want to write life-changing books. That seems bigger than blogging to me.

I’m a speaker. I wish I had a total number of people I’ve spoken to with in-person events, radio, and TV combined. It might seem somewhat impressive. Regardless of the number, speaking is big to me. My life has been changed by speakers. Becky Tirabassi convinced me to read the entire Bible and pray daily in her Change Your Life seminar. Ken Ham and Dr. Carl Werner gave me confidence that the Bible is true from the first chapter. Beth Moore helped me see the difference between believing in God and believing Him. I want to be a life-changing speaker. That seems bigger than blogging to me.

Why I’ve Been Held Back

Despite the fact that I’m a bit shy of 10,000 blog followers and that I have bigger, more important opportunities (the kids want to know what’s for lunch), I’ve persisted in this little, unimportant, everybody’s-doing-it hobby/business/addiction called blogging. Why?

Because John Piper is right.

It is sentences that change my life, not books.

The sentences in A More Excellent Way w/ DVD about the connection between woundedness and illness changed my life–not the whole book. Becky Tirabassi’s repeated admonition to spend time daily with the living, loving God changed my life–not the whole seminar. And though I have doubted that what I’ve written or said could possibly change others’ lives in the same way, people come to me with sentences from my book, my seminars, and my blog. They repeat them to me with meaningful looks and I try to remember sharing them.

The words that we string together, whether in a book, a speech, or a blog are big to someone–even if that’s just your mom. That’s the little reason you and I shouldn’t quit blogging.

Someone who may not comment or tweet or share or “like” you may take one little sentence from one of your posts that you wrote when you wondered if your blog even matters and may be TRANSFORMED.

That is why I blog. And maybe it’s why you do, too.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much (Luke 16:10a).

P.S. Have you thought about giving up blogging? Have you ever been surprised by the big impact of something little you’ve written?

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