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IMG_3531 If you aren't familiar with my Happiness List, check out my Wonder Woman blog.

I didn't take this picture today, but it makes me happy to use a picture that's already loaded onto my computer. 🙂

I'm happy that I got to teach my son's Sunday school class this morning. I'm so glad my son doesn't mind me teaching his class and I'm pleased with the interaction I had. I'm also glad that I figured out a way of handling the absence of one of the handouts.

Church was wonderful. The kids sang a wonderful rendition of a song about David and Goliath. The sermon was just what I needed–on taming the tongue! My friend's back is doing better, thanks be to God.

I did the grocery shopping and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's so wonderful to be able to shop and not feel like 95% of the food is off-limits for you.

I made homemade apple pies–four of them–in short order. I had so much fun teasing my neighbor about our competition tonight. I enjoyed having our friend, George, over for dinner. He was the judge of our two apple pies. We asked another neighbor over to help judge and it was unanimous. The neighbor's pie was better. And you know what? I agree! It was such a treat having the neighbors over to eat delicious pie and ice cream and to visit.

I am glad I got the kitchen cleaned up and even made time to write two blog posts today. Oh yes! And my inbox is empty.

I am especially happy that despite feeling tempted to ponder things that do not make me happy, I am writing this list. It really helps! Give it a try. 🙂

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