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How are you supposed to do it all and stay sane in the process?

You do everything that moms with kids in school do, plus you have the responsibilities of a teacher, lunch lady, janitor, field trip monitor, and guidance counselor too.

To do it all, you have to be organized. But where do you start?

Homeschool Organizing System with samples

I was a born-messy mom. I was so disorganized with my ADD brain when I started homeschooling my oldest for preschool, that I was convinced I had to quit. I was buried in laundry, toys, diapers, and books. I had no idea what was for dinner and that was after getting no school done.

I was desperate when I found a woman named FLYLady online. She taught me that I needed routines and an approach to getting organized just 15 minutes at a time. Until I figured out what I was doing, I copied FLYLady’s routines.

I eventually found my groove and gained the confidence to have three more children, for a total of six. I longed for 15-minute missions that would not just organize my home, but my homeschool. I wanted to be ready for holidays in advance. I wanted to be organized in my marriage, parenting, and even my hobbies. I created The Organized Homeschool Life book to give homeschool moms like me easy missions for organizing these areas and more. Those who have taken on the weekly challenges tell me it’s made a big difference in their homeschool sanity.

But I needed something more in my quest for an organized homeschool life. I wanted a system for organizing my time and my homeschool.

“I needed a tool to simplify my life — not add to the overwhelm.”

Can you relate? I had used many task and goal-based planners and I wanted a planner that incorporated everything I loved about them in one place.

Get the Organized Homeschool System

Enter the Organized Homeschool Life Planner

Fans of the book gave me amazing insights into what The Organized Homeschool Life Planner should be. Because of their help, it features:

  • Undated pages that allow moms to start using the planner any time of year
  • Monthly devotionals that help Christian moms keep their organizing efforts in focus
  • Weekly planning pages with the challenge steps from the book ready to be checked off
  • Editable forms for those who prefer a digital planner
  • All the forms needed to complete the organizing challenges in one place
  • Heavyweight paper, spiral binding, and monthly dividers in the print planner
  • Two-page monthly, undated, editable calendars with space for writing
  • Weekly, editable meal planning and shopping lists

Start any time with the undated pages!

Daily and weekly planning pages are designed to motivate homeschool moms to meet their organizing and other goals.

Instructions for The Organized Homeschool Life Planner

Moms are raving about The Organized Homeschool Life Planner!

The Organized Homeschool Life Planner Instagram

Also see reviews by I Choose Joy and Our Thrifty Home.

Buy the digital planner

Digital or Print?

Monthly calendars, weekly, and daily pages in the digital version can be easily edited on your computer or digital devices. Other forms can be edited using Adobe Reader on your mobile device, Preview on a Mac, or a PDF app on your PC.

Edited January Organized Homeschool Life Calendar

Edit Organized Homeschool Life Forms with Preview

Create reusable meal plans with shopping lists that you can save to your phone or print as needed. Save time and your sanity!

Editable Meal Plan

Why the digital version of The Organized Homeschool Life system?

  • The digital version of the system is perpetual. It’s undated and can be used or printed over and over in your organization journey.
  • Print in color
  • Print in 8.5×11 (the standard size) or in Happy Planner and other sizes by changing your printer settings
  • Print only the pages you need when you need them
  • Put printed pages in an existing binder or use your favorite binding system
  • Save the 130+ pages to your computer or mobile device only and save paper, ink, and storage space
  • Purchase custom holiday stickers to use with your printed digital planner here
  • It’s a bargain!

Watch to see how to use the monthly and weekly pages of the digital version.

Why the print version of The Organized Homeschool Life system?

  • Undated pages allow you to start using the print planner any time!
  • Nearly 300 high quality, planner-weight interior pages in each planner
  • Beautiful laminated color covers
  • Thick monthly dividers in color
  • Lay-flat spiral binding
  • Open and go — no searching for files or printing time required
  • Two planners (Jan-June and July-December) so they’re not too thick to tuck in your tote

The Organized Homeschool Life Planner is designed to be used with The Organized Homeschool Life book. The book explains weekly challenges in detail, while the weekly page lists each step of the challenge.

See samples

Hand holding included

Join our Facebook community (open to anyone who wants to organize their homeschooling life) for support and inspiration. We’ll have daily check-ins and extra tips for success in your organizing journey.

You might expect a complete system that can organize your entire homeschool life to cost a lot. But my desire is for every homeschool mom to be able to afford homeschool sanity.

Order the undated print planners in January-June and July-December versions for just $25 each, with free shipping or the bundle for just $45. I’ll throw in the print organizing book that will guide you through each challenge for just $10 more.

Start organizing your homeschool today!

Still not sure?

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