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I planned to take the Week in the Life Challenge from Aby Garvey’s creative organizing blog (Sorry no link as I an bogging on my IPhone). Turns out this week was just too CHALLENGING! I will do that in the coming weeks, but wanted to share a shot of my oldest en route to his literature discussion class. No worries. We were stopped. LOL. I am having a hard time adjusting to him being in junior high. It just doesn’t seem possible that he is 12. Really the most trouble he gives me is that he is like his dad. He thinks his way is the right way. LOL. I am really proud of him though for learning to do things that aren’t his favorites. That can be an issue in homeschooling where there is time to pursue your own interests and Mom makes every subject fun. You can start to believe that if it isn’t exciting you don’t have to do it! Well he is doing some things that don’t make him do backflips this year and without complaint. I am also thankful that he really loves homeschooling. He wants to be homeschooled through highschool and that makes the process easier for his dad and me. I am looking forward to seeing what God does in this young man’s life and I pray we will always have his heart. Too cool for school

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