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It really has been a terrific Tuesday. Here's what made my day:

Got loads of laundry done

New approach of cleaning 10 minutes per floor as a family is working like a charm (after we prayed about it)

Got to eat Oreos and milk for the first time in decades

Got to see my friend Shannon in good spirits after sleeping well. Thank you, Lord!

Had an incredible school day. I taught as long as a public school teacher! I was in awe that the kids worked hard all day–even after lunch–without being told

Spent lots of time training Daisy today. She's responding to the stay command well so far!

I got a lot of important details taken care of

Had a nice dinner and enjoyed watching Biggest Loser with Grandpa

Loved seeing the kids reading before bed. It helps that Dad has promised the reluctant readers a chocolate shake! The oldest complained he never gets one (he is an avid reader) – LOL 

Have a terrific day tomorrow! Wednesdays are days that I devote specifically to prayer. If I can pray for you, please comment or email and let me know how I can pray.

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