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Daisy_white_flowerToday’s been an action-packed day. My dh reminded me to think of it as a fun-filled day. It certainly was!

I am so glad I remembered to bring everything I needed to all the activities I was doing today.

I am so thankful that God has taken my spirit of anger away so I can handle my tantrum-throwing 3yo with patience.

I am so glad I am using a wonderful curriculum from Veritas Press with my oldest son and his friends.

I am happy I got to visit with friends at P.E. today.

I enjoyed laughing so hard I was almost crying with the older boys.

I am so thankful to see my dd being helpful by playing with younger kids and even holding doors open!

I was delighted to see my dd enjoy her first day of being a Daisy Scout and meeting her new troop members.

I am so thankful to God that my dh shares my faith. I loved talking with him about it today.

I am glad I got to catch up with my online friend, Mell, last night and that I could take a short nap when I was tired today!

I am pleased that I got a good start on cleaning and decluttering the kids’ bathroom tonight.

Hope your tomorrow is a wonderful one!

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