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Img_9566_edited1You cut your hair right before Christmas. What four?

You opened all your gifts on the 22nd of December. What four?

You rip holes in your tights and dirty up your shirt sleeves beyond repair. What four?

You hid my favorite pair of black shoes and lose nearly every pair of shoes you have. What four?

You kept your daddy’s wallet hidden in your room while we panicked. What four?

You rip game and playing card boxes to pieces and cut paper and pinch Play-Do into tiny little pieces. What four?

You take your brother’s gum and swallow it and stick slime to the white carpet. What four?

You are our baby, our only daughter, our little dancer, our little mother to your brother, our singer, our artist, our princess, our diva. Even with all the "excitement" you create in our home, what we really can’t believe is that you are four.

Let me explain the cake. I drove all over looking for a cheap Barbie. I obviously made the hole too deep. I think it looks like she’s in a pink army tank. The candles look like the guns. It fits with the battle Miss E’s 4th year has been. 😉

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been, let me just say that Christmas, the stomach flu, redecorating, writing, speaking, church projects, and homeschooling have been all-consuming. I hope to be more regular. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful 2008.

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