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I was reading the GetOrganizedWizard blog and loved the post on what not to do. I decided not to let the opportunity to blog about it pass me by. I remember hearing an excellent sermon by Dr. S.M. Davis on the fact that God's commands on what not to do are much more important to us as believers than what to do. But no worries. I don't intend to give you a list of God's no-no's. Instead, I'd like to share with you what I've learned not to do given my personality, weaknesses, and circumstances. I'd love to read your list, too!

  • Buy dryclean only clothes (I rarely make it to the cleaners)
  • Keep clothing that needs to be repaired (Even with the supplies I need, it's easier to buy new)
  • Have a rummage sale (I only had to do this once to determine I'd rather give everything away)
  • Garden or work in the yard (No matter how guilty other women who love it have made me feel, it's just not for me)
  • Wash my car (I leave my car outside and it rains often enough)
  • Get manicures (I wish I had great nails, but alas)
  • Wear perfume (It's expensive and I get compliments on the smell of my hairspray anyway)
  • Watch live TV, including the news (I just don't have the time and it usually depresses me anyway)
  • Use a paper calendar (I need the constant alerts via my phone)
  • Play online games (I don't need another addiction!)
  • Iron (unless absolutely necessary)
  • Go to meetings that aren't streamlined (just can't take the time)
  • Buy my boys dress shoes (they hate them)
  • Submit scrapbooking pages online (too much hassle & pressure)
  • Regularly use hand sanitizer (and I'm healthy anyway)
  • Get flu shots (personal decision which everyone is free to make)
  • Regularly spend time with people who make me feel lousy (this is a newer one!)
  • Miss the opportunity to give a compliment or tell someone I love them

In the spirit of my last not to-do, I'd like to say how much I appreciate the time you take to read this blog.

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