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My husband and I on a fall hike

The Bible says,  “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1).

I take my role as an online teacher seriously. Before you decide to follow me on social media, read what I write, or listen to what I have to say, I want you to know that I am a woman who seeks to respect authority–my husband’s, church’s, and God’s as revealed in His Word. You should also know that despite having a Ph.D., I can be really, really dumb. My good friends will deny it, but my mother and husband will tell you the truth! Anything I say should be checked against the authorities in your life. I’ve been wrong before and I will be wrong again.

Despite the risks of being a teacher (for both of us), my heart’s desire is to share what  is valuable in my own journey as a wife, mother, home educator, child of God, and psychologist. I’m blogging because I love to write, but also because I love people. I’ve met some of my dearest friends online and I’d love to add you to my list!

Social media can be very confusing if you’re new to it. Here’s what you can expect if you follow me online.


If you’d like to:

  • See significant change in your life and you’re already reading the Bible, I suggest you read my book, So You’re Not Wonder Woman. In it, I share the dramatic changes God created in me in every area of my life that my Ph.D. in psychology failed to make. All proceeds from the book benefit charity and missions. It’s free for Kindle Prime members and I regularly make it free to other Kindle owners. I’ll keep you posted!
  • Get help in specific areas, click the categories right below the large photo on the home page, or enter something in the search box at the top left of the home page. The categories are pretty self-explanatory, except that parenting is listed under both homemaking and homeschooling, hobbies includes posts on blogging/writing, psychology and relationships are under health, and the hope category is anything to do with faith. I could put just about everything in the hope category, but I’ve stuck with posts that are more devotional in nature.
  • Receive my meal planning ebook, join the mailing list. Choose which kind of mailing you’d like to receive (everything as posted, a weekly digest, everything but homeschooling, or only homeschooling). Enter your email address and click subscribe. The-Once-and-for-All Meal Plan ebook that will save you money, time, and stress will be on its way to you when completed November 1st.
  • Read my posts in a reader, click here. I use Google Reader and Flipboard on my iPad to keep up with my blog reading, which is like having a custom-made magazine. If you’d like to check out the blogs I read, see my blogroll at the bottom of the home page. Just know that I have a hard enough time controlling what I write. I can’t moderate others’ blogs, so use your own judgment in reading and subscribing.
  • Read my posts and other information I recommend on Facebook, click here and then click Like on the right. You’ll also be able to share content with me and other community members. Want homeschooling specific content? Like Motivated Homeschooler on FB.
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  • Learn more about what it means to be a Christian, check out this excellent resource.
  • Have someone pray for your needs consistently, enter your request at PrayforYou.org. I am one of the pray-ers.
  • Discuss something privately, please complete the form below.
  • Give me lots and lots of money, here’s my Swiss bank account. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention!

Thank you so much for checking out Psychowith6. Giving a blogger your time is the best compliment. God bless your day!

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