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I was reading Aby Garvey's blog the other day and she mentioned having a word for the year–an idea she borrowed from Ali, a well-known scrapbooker, whose blog you will find referenced by Aby.

The concept is simple, yet powerful. Choose just one word to be your focus for 2009. This word can drive your goals, your priorities, and your tasks from day to day. Most importantly, this word can change how you think about each day of this year.

I have chosen the word CHALLENGE, not just because I am coordinating The New Life Challenge, but also because this is how I want to start to view my difficulties. Things I have formerly thought of as "pains, evil, unfair, boring, difficult, scary" and so on, I now choose to view as challenges. I LOVE challenges; I don't love things that are painful, evil, unfair, boring, difficult, or scary. Although I am simply relabeling these things, there is much truth in the change. I will grow and learn and by God's grace become better as I confront and overcome each challenge.

So now I challenge you: what is your one word for the year?

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