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A Sane Approach to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

I am not new to homeschooling. I've heard of Charlotte Mason (of course) and I've done some reading about her educational philosophy. I've thoroughly checked out the Ambleside website, dedicated to providing resources for Charlotte Mason homeschooling. But can I be...

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How to Find Peace in the Right Places

I have had times of profound peace in my life and this isn't one of them! Because I know what it feels like to have no worry and no hurry, I am determined to find it again. If you want to be able to rest in the Lord, no matter what storms rage around you, I have help...

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How to Truth Journal and Change Your Life

I wish I had known about truth journaling when I was in graduate school, pursuing a degree in psychology. I was overweight, living in a disorganized mess, and in debt. I'll stop there because the list would be very long otherwise. I tried many things to change my life...

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Alternatives to Video Games

If your child spends more time than you would like playing video games, you're wise to search for alternatives that will captivate them. Even if you're not worried about the amount of time spent playing, you do want your child to be exposed to a variety of activities....

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6 Time Management Lies Homeschool Moms Believe

Any time we consistently struggle with changing something in our lives, there's a good chance we are believing some lies about it. I know that's been true for me with time management. I'll share six lies we believe that keep us from using our time well. [box] Want to...

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How to Help a Child with Low Frustration Tolerance

When I answered a parent's question about low frustration tolerance, I realized I had a lot to say on the subject. First, I want to define the problem and then I want to share six tips for teaching your child. [box] Want to listen to this article on a podcast? LISTEN...

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Student Success Through the Power of Story

If your student is struggling, the solution may be in finding the right story to tell. The Power of Story Storytelling is the first and most powerful way of teaching. The ancient Greeks taught with stories. Jesus taught with stories. Marketers today teach with...

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Not Qualified: What Can’t You Just Be?

I had just met a woman in ministry when I told her that after I finished my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I wanted to be a Christian psychologist. "You can't just be a Christian psychologist," she said. I tried to listen to what she said after that about...

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How to Assess Your Progress as a Homeschool Mom

Unlike most other careers, homeschooling doesn't come with built-in assessments for teachers. Some homeschoolers are required to meet with teachers and these meetings may help gauge progress. But many home educators don't have that requirement. So, how can we assess...

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