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I couldn’t stop thinking about the cradle cap on the 2yo’s head last night. It isn’t like any cradle cap I’ve ever seen before. It is making his hair fall out in clumps if I mess with it at all. I must tell you that I have prayed about it. It makes me sick to think of him losing his cute little curls. So when I was thinking to myself that it is almost as if his hair was GLUED to his head, I believe God reminded me of something that happened a couple of weeks ago.

The 10yo had come in asking how to get super glue off his hands. I asked, “WHY do you have super glue on your hands?” He said, “It’s in the family room and I picked it up.” MIMG_0090y heart was pounding. I asked if it was stuck to anything (like my leather sofa) and he said that no, it was just lying there. Whew! Call me crazy, but I think my 2yo super glued his hair. I never noticed because it looks a lot like sweaty hair and it’s covered by the rest of his hair. I tried some acetone and it may have helped a little. I may give it another go or wait for his hair to fall
grow out.

After the crazy cap incident, I went outside and found that Satan’s saliva was trying to make its way into my house. I disposed of it, but I will not be a bit surprised if it’s on my bed in the morning.

After pitching the evil substance, I proceeded into the yard and had to practice the deep breathing skills I learned in grad school. I hate that we are one of THOSE families–the kind  IMG_0091that leaves everything laying in the yard to rust. Why are there trash can lids by the trampoline? Because I started reading a chapter of a book on making the most of today (yesterday) and the first chapter is on having a good attitude, I chose not to wake the kids in a rage and insist they clean up the mess in their jammies. We did chores and school instead.

That’s when Daisy really became like one of the family. She hasn’t been feeling well post-surgery and let us know. I didn’t take a picture of her issuance, but I did take a picture of what I used to clean it up. I just love my SpotBot because I do not love cleaning carpet stains. The only problem is it’s rather loud. We were shouting our Bible memory verses above the noise. Hopefully that will keep the slime at bay. IMG_0093

After Bible time using the Window on the World book (love it), it was time for preschool. We read a perfectly adorable book called Harold and the Purple Crayon and then, according to my Artistic Pursuits curriculum that I also love, we were to use crayon or a marker to draw. Why did I give them an option?? Of course, both tots chose marker. Things went really well I thought. We drew precious pictures and kept the caps on the ends of the markers. But after tutoring the 6yo, I needed a good attitude again. I was breathing so deeply, I almost couldn’t take a picture. IMG_0097

I had sent one of the boys down to make sure all was well. The morale here is never send a boy to do a mom’s job. Someone decided to use a new art medium. What really bugs me is they left the cap off! My mute 2yo managed to say his sister’s name clear as a bell when I asked who did it, though he later admitted guilt with his ‘tee-hee’ yes. Fortunately, the SpotBot did the job on the marker mess, too. I should probably have one of these in every room.

After lunch, it was time for a play date. While the younger kids played, I used my Things software to get something done. I cleaned out my laundry closet and sorted through piles of belongings that you probably left here. Please arrange a time to pick up your underwear, yo-yo, sweatshirt, etc. IMG_0101

After the play date, it was time to head to dance. One good thing about my iCal reminders for things like this is when the reminder pops up on the iMac, my kids will tell me over and over and over again that I have to go to dance. No worries about forgetting! I actually got there a few minutes early just to get away from them.

Note the purple mark on the dancer. IMG_0103
I love dance because I have an hour to read, websurf, and scrapbook. Today I worked on my vacation album using Creative Memories’ software. I must tell you that I will not link to them for you. I just did that on my last post at this point and lost everything. 🙂 I pledge to have a good attitude; I pledge to have a good attitude.

As we were leaving dance, my dd asked if the other 4yo girl was the only girl and had no brothers. I said that was right. I then asked if she liked having brothers. She said, “Yes, but they scare me sometimes.” ME TOO.

With dance done, it was time to make a pork chop and cauliflower dinner, teach the boys how to make the football video on iMovie they’ve been asking to make, and get more Things tasks accomplished. I made almond milk and crepes just in time for hubby to come home. Then it was time for basement ball–IMG_0106one of my favorite sports because I don’t participate. It is sure good to have him home! Let me know when the kids are in bed, honey, and I might have a really good attitude.

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