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Read How to Homeschool

This is the handout for Get School Done Tomorrow from the Ultimate Transformation Expo 2013.

Get School Done Tomorrow_Handouts

Easiest Homeschool Record Keeping System Ever

If you attended the St. Louis Homeschool Expo or the Ultimate Homeschool Expo in 2012, these are the promised links to resources mentioned. With your ticket to the Ultimate Homeschool Expo you can listen to these and many other superb presentations all year long.

Help for the Unmotivated Homeschooler

Handout for this Session

Free Drive Ebook on Getting AMP’d

How Much Time to Spend Homeschooling by Grade

FlyLady for establishing routines

HomeRoutines iPhone app

High Score House

Books Mentioned in This Session

How to Guide the Gift in Your Child

Handout for this Session

St. Louis Resources

How Gifted is Your Child?

National Association of Gifted Children

Online Resources

Books Cited During Seminar: Click Gifted

Help Gifted Students Cope with Perfectionism

Photo Links

Famous People with ADHD



Perfect Melancholy


Rat in Maze

Angry Elf

Proud Child

Perfectionist Child

Homeschooled But Still Anxious

Handout for this Session

Online Resources


What the Bible Says About Fear

Math Phobia

How to Teach Kids Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Books Mentioned in Session: Click Anxious

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