2014 Psychowith6 Posts I’m Crazy About and Why

2014 Psychowith6 Posts I’m Crazy About and Why

2014 Psychowith6 Posts I'm Crazy About and Why

I get it. You have so many posts coming into your inbox or feed reader and you can’t get to them all. I’ve already shared the top 10 posts from Psychowith6 for 2014, but that list doesn’t include some of my favorite posts. If you have missed any of these, I’ll give you a good reason to click through and read.

6 Reasons I’ll Never Be a Perfect Homeschooler

It never ceases to amaze me when people say they see me as being better than I really am. I’ve gotten some great feedback from homeschooling families who can relate to what I share in this post. And the truth is, I’m not even airing the really dirty laundry! I’m not a perfect homeschooler, but homeschooling is perfect for me.

Motivation To Do What’s Most ImportantToday

I watched an Andy Stanley Bible study video that really motivated me not to wait on what matters. I was so inspired that I summarized the truths into a one-page poster that anyone can use to get motivated every day. Reading it can be like taking a vitamin–it’s good for you!

The 1-Thing To-Do List

I love books that help me to simplify my life. My m.o. seems to be to make it complicated. Choosing just one thing in each area of my life to focus on gives me so much peace. I was thrilled to figure out how to create a form for tracking this way of thinking about tasks. If you crave more simplicity like I do, I recommend you take a peek–even if the form isn’t your cup of tea.

Opposite Advice for Getting More Done

Does it make sense to do what everyone else does so you get the results everyone else gets? I don’t think so! This post may inspire you to do the opposite of what you’re doing or simply to be proud that you’re doing things your own way because it works!

Bringing Mr. Popper’s Penguins to Life

This is such a fun book for kids to read and I was surprised when a real life Mr. Popper helped us with our homeschooling. I think your kids will enjoy this post even if they haven’t yet read the book.

100 of the Best Language Arts Printables

I love to pin single posts that collect a lot of valuable resources in one place, so I created one. Pin this for later and you’ll have access to all kinds of goodies to make your kids better readers and writers.

Did I miss any of your favorites here? I love hearing from readers.

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100 of the Best Language Arts Printables

100 of the Best Language Arts Printables

100 Language Arts Printables for homeschool and classroom use

Language arts is arguably the most important subject to teach. Thankfully, there are so many wonderful free resources out there to teach it! I’m sharing 100 links that include hundreds of worksheet, game, notebooking and reference pages for you to print. I’ve organized them so you can use them to teach grammar, handwriting/copywork, literature, phonics/reading, spelling/vocabulary, and writing.

You’ll want to pin this post for later because it contains links for students of all ages. Please visit my Pinterest board for graphics of all these printables and the iHomeschool Network bloggers other 100 list posts.

#1 The Best Places to Find Homeschool Freebies

I’ve listed lots of great free resources for language arts printables in this post.


#2 Montessori Grammar Printables and Activities

Parts of Speech

#3 Parts of speech printables

#4 Cut-and-Paste Grammar Worksheets

#5 Noun / Verb Food Sort

#6 Marshmallow Incident’s Noun – Verb Sort

#7 What is an Adverb? Worksheet

#8 Preposition Worksheet Packet

Grammar Games

#9 Smore Sentence Game

#10 Solve it! Parts of Speech Game

#11 Parts of Speech BINGO


#12 Punctuation Car File Folder Game

#13 Dinosaur Bones Punctuation Game

#14 Minion Contractions

 Grammar Challenges

#15 Grammar Shark Cards with common grammar mistakes

#16 Irregular Verbs Notebooking Pages

#17 Sit vs. Set Notebooking Pages

#18 Lie vs. Lay Notebooking Pages

#19 Their, There, They’re Worksheet

Handwriting & Copywork

#61 Bug Sight Word Game

#62 My Phonics Reading Game

#63 One More Phonics Game

Reading Logs

#64 Reading Logs

#65 Additional Reading Logs

#66 Printable Monthly Reading Logs

Spelling & Vocabulary

Spelling Practice

#67 Spelling Magic (hands on spelling with a twist)

#68 Kindergarten Add a Vowel Spelling Practice

#69 Kindergarten Spelling Practice

#70 Connect 4 Spelling Practice

#71 Read it! Spell it! Write it! 

Spelling Fun

#72 1st Grade Spelling Words – WORD SEARCHES

#73 Word Search Template Freebie

#74 2nd Grade Spelling Word Crossword Puzzles

Spelling Reference

#75 Spelling Rules Notebooking Pages

#76 Dictionary Detectives

Spelling Games

#77 Spell for your Life Game Board

#78 Spelling Bingo


#79 Vocabulary Notebooking Pages

#80 Read, Build, Write Vocabulary Cards

#81 Word of the Week Printable

#82 Opposites Worksheet Printable Packet

#83 Idioms Notebooking Pages


How To

#84 Graphic Organizers for Essay Prewriting

#85 Research paper rubric

#86 Free Writing Graphic Organizers

#87 Persuasive Writing Printables

#88 Free Story Writing Printables

Book & Field Trip Reports

#89 Teaching Young Readers How to Summarize

#90 1st Grade Book Report

#91 Biography Report Form/Organizer

#92 Book report forms

#93 Book Report Template

#94 Book Report Notebooking Page

#95 Homeschool Field Trip Journal Pages

Writing Prompts

#96 Creative Writing Prompts

#97 What will I be when I grow up

100 Things Homeschool Link-up; the best homeschool tips online

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