Free Funny Fall Writing Prompts to Get Kids Writing

Free Funny Fall Writing Prompts to Get Kids Writing

Funny Fall Writing Prompts Printables That Get Kids WritingHave you ever asked your kids to write and heard groans in response? I have! That is until I started encouraging my kids to write funny stuff. Suddenly writing was fun!

Humorous writing not only motivates reluctant writers, but aids memory and learning. Kids (and adults) remember funny material better.

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How to Get Your Kids Writing Funny

You know what I mean. 🙂

The first step is to give your kids permission to use humor. Even the blandest writing prompts can be hilarious when young writers feel free to let their funny creative juices flow.

The second step is to give them prompts that are related to what is going on with them. I did my master’s thesis in psychology on humor and learned the obvious: relatable humor is funny! Depressed people will laugh at depression jokes, for example. So give the kids writing prompts about fall in the fall! Can’t come up with anything? No worries! I’ve got you covered. You can either use the writing prompts that follow in your homeschool or classroom verbally or you can use the colorful printables with handwriting lines available to subscribers.

The third step is to be flexible with the form of writing. Allow your students to dictate their writing or type it depending on their level. By the way, I don’t think there’s an age range for these prompts.

Funny Fall Writing Prompts

  • If I were a leaf, I would like to fall on_____________because________________.
  • Jack Frost is a mythical character who is said to create the frost we see on windows. Name and describe a character who is responsible for leaves changing color in the fall.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper from Johnny Appleseed, admitting that you didn’t exactly plant all the apple trees, even though that’s what everyone says.
  • Write a paper to convince people that your favorite kind of apple is the best.
  • Write a story about a squirrel who thought it was spring when it was fall.
  • Write about what happened when a horse who was allergic to hay pulled a wagon for a hay ride.
  • Create a recipe that includes pumpkin that really shouldn’t include it.
  • If you were a talking jack-o-lantern, what would you say?
  • Write a poem about fall the way Eeyore of Winnie-the-Pooh would write it (it doesn’t have to rhyme).
  • Write a poem about fall the way Tigger of Winnie-the-Pooh would write it.
  • Write a letter to hunters as though you were a turkey wanting to live.
  • If you served all of your favorite foods for Thanksgiving, what would be on the menu?

Download Your Free Funny Fall Writing Prompts Printables

Can you say that subtitle three times fast? 😉 In the PDF, I share more tips for encouraging your kids to write humorous material. You’ll get a printable page for hand-written work for each prompt. You’ll also automatically receive the winter, spring, and summer versions. If you hate getting email, know that once you subscribe, you can change your preferences to Freebies Only. You’ll only be notified when a post describes a new subscriber freebie, which you’ll automatically have access to.

Click the turkey image below, add your email, and the download will automatically arrive. By the way, if you like this material, I would love for you to share it with other teachers and parents you know.

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Binder Printables, Foreign Language Resources & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Binder Printables, Foreign Language Resources & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

homeschool, printables, free, binder, foreign language

This week’s post serves as a to-do list for me. In fact, after I hit publish, I am going to make good use of these links. I hope you’re as excited about them as I am.

ScHomeschool photos with free printableshool Binder with Printables

Every year I give the kids new binders. Some years I have had them decorate their own and others I have designed my own covers. I love that Thirty Handmade Days has made covers for me and more. There is also an About Me page for your kids to record a snapshot of their lives that just screams to be scrapbooked. Update: here’s my daughter’s photo using one of the printables.



Kids’ Tabletop Surprises

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I was so excited. I absolutely love surprises and so do my kids. Teach Mama provides ideas for leaving materials on the table with instructions for creativity. I would love to use supplies I already have to get the kids’ creative juices flowing about once a week.

Secret Service for a Day Activity & Printable

Speaking of clever ideas…how about turning acts of service into a secret service agent role play? The kids won’t groan when you tell them it’s time to think of others using the free printables from the Melissa and Doug blog.

Family Time Activity Jar with Printable

If you’re like me, you’re loaded down with creative learning ideas, but when it comes to family time, you aren’t sure what to do. Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling comes to the rescue. Print out the ideas, cut them up, put them in a jar and voila! You can surprise your family with some fun.

Learn Spanish with Free Podcasts

If you missed my post about our student from Spain, I think you’ll enjoy it. We’re all more motivated to learn Spanish now and I love the idea of improving our skills with podcasts. I need to subscribe and have my high school sophomore subscribe, too.

Sometimes You Just Need to Quit

I can still remember my first day of homeschooling when my plans went awry within the first 15 minutes. As we embark on this new school year, the 2:1 Conference blog writer has some good advice. Sometimes we just need to quit.

Check out the iHomeschool Networks student photo blog hop and follow me on Pinterest for more sanity savers like these.




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Back to School Printables, Cheap School Supplies & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Back to School Printables, Cheap School Supplies & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

homeschool, printables, back to school

What’s Hot in Homeschooling is back! We haven’t started back to school yet, but it’s definitely time to share the best articles so we can all have the best school year ever.

3 Things to Consider Before School Begins

Homeschool blogs are abuzz with talk of goals for the school year. I’m exhausted just trying to come up with multiple goals for the five kids I’m still homeschooling. That’s why I really liked the approach described in this article which isn’t a homeschool blog. See if you do, too.

Back-to-School Printables

Homeschoolers love printables and Jill of Blessed Beyond a Doubt delivers with this free set that will help you write out your goals (if you prefer), make it fun with a back-to-school scavenger hunt, and more.

Finding School Supplies at Dollar Tree

I always like to give the kids something new for school, but I don’t want to spend a lot. Free Homeschool Deals shares the impressive back-to-school booty she got at Dollar Tree for just $15. You’ll want to subscribe to her site for even more money-saving ideas.

Why You Should Simplify Your Homeschool

I was inspired by this post from Bible Based Homeschooling. I have found the most overwhelming part of homeschooling is making choices. Decluttering what you have to choose from is a great tip you’ll get here.

How to Start Your Homeschool on Time Daily

I think Jill’s been peeking in my windows to see us sleeping in on school days! Few things impact your schooling more than starting on time. You’ll love these tips.

Five Places to Find Homeschool Encouragement

You won’t need encouragement to keep homeschooling until after you’ve taught for fifteen minutes. When one of my friends had just started homeschooling, she bemoaned that her son just wasn’t a fan of her plan. We’ve all been there. Renee Gotcher of Next Gen Homeschool has some ideas for places to go when the going gets tough.

Be sure to follow the What’s Hot in Homeschooling board. If you’re a blogger, please comment with your Pinterest account link below to contribute to the board.

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Reasons to Educate Your Daughters, Free Language Arts & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Reasons to Educate Your Daughters, Free Language Arts & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Whats Hot in Homeschooling

This week I’m very thankful for the Internet. Through it, God enables us to enjoy the immense talents He has given to so many homeschoolers! I’m thankful, too, for the homeschool bloggers who share their creativity with us. If you’re featured this week, please grab the “Featured” button in the right footer. If you’re a blogger, I’d love for you to link up. If you’re a Pinterest person, please pin the great ideas from the What’s Hot in Homeschooling board. If you just want great articles and resources, read on!

5 Important Reasons to Educate Your Daughters

Whether daughters that we hope will be homeschooling moms should be educated beyond high school is a hot topic these days. This article from Intoxicated on Life is great encouragement to provide continuing education.

How Do I Stand Being with My Children

It’s a question I’ve been asked many, many times. Karen of Simply Living for Him does a great job of answering it.

Fly-Paper Mama

Of course, we don’t want to just “stand being with” our kids. We want to really enjoy them. A Humble Vessel shares how we can do just that!

Homeschool Language Arts for Free

If I could only choose one subject area to teach my children well, it would be language arts. When our kids can read well, they can learn God’s Word and even math well. Only Passionate Curiosity has assembled a great list of free curriculum for teaching these critical skills to 1st through 6th graders.

Teaching Strong Sentence Writing

Speaking of language arts, teaching kids how to write good sentences can be a challenge. The Chaos and the Clutter offers us a simple and fun method for making writing click. Can’t wait to try it with my kids!

All About My Homeschooling Family Printables

So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler points out that many worksheets that ask students to write about their families aren’t appropriate for homeschoolers. So contributor Jill made some and they’re free!

Now it’s your turn. What’s hot in your homeschool this week? Please grab my button from the blog’s right footer or link to this post. Please visit the blog linked before yours and thank them for the hot ideas!


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