Ideas for Making Learning Fun: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Ideas for Making Learning Fun: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

learning, fun, ideas, homeschoolHonestly, homeschooling isn’t always fun. Some days we need inspiration. These links provide just that!

The Beatitudes of Homeschooling

Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling provides this free printable that can encourage us any time we need to remember why we do what we do.

Mini Office Printables

School is a lot more fun when you have everything you need in front of you. Homeschool Creations provides this ingenious way of keeping critical information in front of a first grader. But you could do this for each of your students.

Free Science Plans Using Magic School Bus DVDs

Magic School Bus videos (available on Netflix and YouTube) can be a fun way to change up your science curriculum. Homeschool Belle provides lesson plans to go along with each video.

November Learning Calendar

Buggy and Buddy has created this printable calendar that can not only teach younger students about the calendar, but can be used to plan fun learning activities for the month.

Outdoor Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

What’s more fun than a scavenger hunt? The truth is, it isn’t always fun for mom if she has to plan it. Rachel Wojo has made it fun for everyone by providing the clues and using Bible verses, too!

My Kids Adventures

After teaching all day, you may be fresh out of creative ideas. My Kids Adventures is a website to the rescue! They offer easy ideas for having fun with the kids that are designed for dads, too.

You can find all these pins and more on the What’s Hot in Homeschooling board!


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Pumpkin Art, Detectives Study & Free State Printables: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Pumpkin Art, Detectives Study & Free State Printables: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

art, fall, kids, unit study, printables, homeschool, free

It finally feels like fall around here. That’s probably why I’m in the mood to share some fall activities. I’m even willing to think about art projects, which I’m not a huge fan of. Hope you find something to get pumpkinned up about. (Sorry.)

40 Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Hands On As We Grow offers us this impressive list of things to do with the pumpkins that ARE ALREADY FOR SALE. I’m not ready for that, but I AM ready to try something new with the kids.

Photosynthesis Paint

That’s a fancy way of saying leaf print. This pin shares a paint-free way of getting your art in. I love it. Just be careful with the hammer. I always associate them with ER visits.

Fill in the Faces

This pin leads to a free printable of faces for kids to complete. Judging by my children’s penchant for creating similar funny faces in the kids’ church bulletins when they’re supposed to be listening, I think most kids will enjoy these.

10 Free Art History Resources

If you have kids who are a little beyond the making-funny-faces stage (but who ever outgrows that?), you might be interested in these excellent materials from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind for teaching art history and appreciation. There is a wide variety here including lessons, biographies, and lapbooking materials.

Detectives Unit Study

If you want to be ready for the homeschool doldrums (you know they’re coming), download this free detectives lapbook from Homeschool Share. Who says learning can’t be fun? I might have my kids look for a missing $20 bill. I haven’t lost one that I know of, but wouldn’t it be fun if they found one?

Free U.S. State Printables

I’m still depressed about having to do a report on North Dakota when I was in the fifth grade. Not only did I live in South Dakota, but North Dakota just didn’t have much of a claim to fame. I think that’s changed now, but if I had had these great printables to help me make my report, I probably would have had a ball–even writing about North Dakota. (Note: if you are from North Dakota, understand that I really don’t have anything against your state besides the bitter cold winds and the lack of anything exciting to do. Also note: I am kidding. Love you guys!) 123 Homeschool 4 Me has some incredible resources for doing a state study.

Be sure to follow the What’s Hot in Homeschooling Pinterest Board for even more hot ideas!

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Reasons to Educate Your Daughters, Free Language Arts & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Reasons to Educate Your Daughters, Free Language Arts & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Whats Hot in Homeschooling

This week I’m very thankful for the Internet. Through it, God enables us to enjoy the immense talents He has given to so many homeschoolers! I’m thankful, too, for the homeschool bloggers who share their creativity with us. If you’re featured this week, please grab the “Featured” button in the right footer. If you’re a blogger, I’d love for you to link up. If you’re a Pinterest person, please pin the great ideas from the What’s Hot in Homeschooling board. If you just want great articles and resources, read on!

5 Important Reasons to Educate Your Daughters

Whether daughters that we hope will be homeschooling moms should be educated beyond high school is a hot topic these days. This article from Intoxicated on Life is great encouragement to provide continuing education.

How Do I Stand Being with My Children

It’s a question I’ve been asked many, many times. Karen of Simply Living for Him does a great job of answering it.

Fly-Paper Mama

Of course, we don’t want to just “stand being with” our kids. We want to really enjoy them. A Humble Vessel shares how we can do just that!

Homeschool Language Arts for Free

If I could only choose one subject area to teach my children well, it would be language arts. When our kids can read well, they can learn God’s Word and even math well. Only Passionate Curiosity has assembled a great list of free curriculum for teaching these critical skills to 1st through 6th graders.

Teaching Strong Sentence Writing

Speaking of language arts, teaching kids how to write good sentences can be a challenge. The Chaos and the Clutter offers us a simple and fun method for making writing click. Can’t wait to try it with my kids!

All About My Homeschooling Family Printables

So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler points out that many worksheets that ask students to write about their families aren’t appropriate for homeschoolers. So contributor Jill made some and they’re free!

Now it’s your turn. What’s hot in your homeschool this week? Please grab my button from the blog’s right footer or link to this post. Please visit the blog linked before yours and thank them for the hot ideas!


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Spring Encouragement, Gardening with Kids, Free Curriculum & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Spring Encouragement, Gardening with Kids, Free Curriculum & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Whats Hot in Homeschooling

Spring may finally be here! Some of what’s hot this week is perfect for those of you with spring fever. Thank you to everyone who linked up last week! If you are featured this week, please grab a button from the bottom of the blog. Want to get even more hot homeschooling goodness? Follow the What’s Hot in Homeschooling board on Pinterest!

Spring Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

Jen at the Most Illustrious Mother offers us great advice for this time of year when many of us are just plain tired!

Homeschooling Before the Storm

Liz of The Hesitant Housewife helps us navigate the often scary transition that occurs after we take a break from school.

Ecclesiastes from a Homeschooling Mom’s Perspective

Homeschool Circus shares further encouragement for us based on Scripture. This would be great to print out and read instead of gorging yourself on chocolate!

30 Gardening Ideas and Activities with Kids

I’m not a gardener, but these activities are enough to have me considering some dirt time. KC Edventures has wheelbarrows full of ideas.

Ask a Next Generation Homeschooler About Curriculum

Ever wonder what a mom who was homeschooled would use to teach her own children? Wonder no longer! The moms at NextGen Homeschool share their experiences.

Guest Hollow

Speaking of curriculum, few things are more exciting than the word FREE. Guest Hollow has made a variety of curricula (history, science, math) available at no charge. I’m particularly interested in the ancient history for next year as it can be used with Mystery of History (and also Story of the World).

Now it’s your turn!¬†Link up what’s hot in your homeschool this week. Link to this post or use the What’s Hot button on the bottom right.

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