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Teach your kids and get your spring cleaning done by taking this spring cleaning challenge.

Spring is the season for getting outside, but it’s also a time for cleaning. Fortunately, homeschoolers can combine teaching and cleaning. While you’re unlikely to get it all done this week, you can get a great start in just an hour this week.

#1 Research and choose tasks

Which tasks should you tackle in your spring cleaning? You may not know where to start. Check out this Pinterest list of spring cleaning chores. Decide which of these would give your home the freshest feel. Though not a part of the list, you might want to work on the garage and get it ready for the spring activities you chose last week.

#2 Add tasks to calendar

How will you get spring cleaning done in addition to your regular activities? You’ll need to make time for it. Either make spring cleaning a regular part of your day for the next few weeks or schedule when you will do particular cleaning chores. Remember, a little spring cleaning is better than none!

#3 Teach one cleaning task

If you’ve never taught the kids how to clean the cobwebs, beat the rugs, or wash the windows, now is the time. You may want to start by reading about the history of spring cleaning. Consider your children’s ages, then teach them the why, the what, and the how of one cleaning task. Turn on some upbeat music and let them have a go at it. You may be surprised if you actually have fun.

 #4 Decorate

Adding some fresh spring decorations or rearranging your rooms can lift all your spirits and keep you motivated the rest of the year.

First, pull out spring decorations from storage and display them. Kids love helping with this. Declutter those items you no longer want.

Second, look for new decor ideas, including DIY projects the kids can help with. Here is one of my favorite pins for spring decor ideas and a favorite for beautiful crafts to make with younger kids.

Third, assemble or purchase materials needed to make your project.

Fourth, make a craft with your child or add it to your lesson plan for next week.

What spring cleaning task are you going to tackle this week?

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