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CSI Science for Middle and High School Students: A Review

If you are teaching middle or high school students, you know how challenging it can be to engage them in learning. I have written a review of what I think is the best science curriculum for homeschool students of any age. But I wanted an elective science curriculum...

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The Trust Project: Health & Safety

I recently finished the audiobook The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod. In the book, Hal encourages us to choose a big goal that is in line with our values. He also encourages us to choose a goal that will make us better people -- the kind of people who are able to...

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Get Dressed for Homeschool Success

When I first became a stay-at-home mom, I lived in sweats and PJs. Until I discovered FLYLady, I didn't realize that my wardrobe was having a major impact on my productivity and self-esteem. With FLYLady's help, getting dressed to shoes became a part of my morning...

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Why You Aren’t Following Through on Your Plans and Goals

Are you great at making plans for the school year but you never seem to do what you've planned? Or are you great at setting goals for the new year that you struggle to achieve? If that's you, I'm going to put my psychologist hat on and explain why your follow-through...

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Habits of the Organized Homeschool Mom

Organizing didn't come naturally to me. I've had to learn it the hard way. But today I feel like I'm organized enough to do everything God has called me to do as a homeschooling mom. If you'd like to take a shorter journey to organization than I took, this article is...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Disorganized Homeschool Mom

If you're a disorganized homeschool mom, I have Christmas gift ideas you'll love because I know what's helped me become more organized. Even if you're already in the process of getting organized, you'll love these. If you're looking for Christmas gifts for a...

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How to Keep the Happy Planning Going

I hope I've convinced you that planning makes homeschool moms happy. If you haven't yet read the reasons planning rocks for homeschool moms, do that first. Today we are talking about how to keep happy planning going. If you're like me and you have begun using numerous...

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Why Happy Homeschool Moms Are Planners

Planning has made me so much happier in my homeschool. I want every homeschool mom to have the same happiness. I hope to convince you to start planning for the first time or to resume your planning habit. I asked Diona Navarro, homeschool mom and planner...

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100 Free Christmas Games

Christmas is my favorite time of year to play games. You'll find a list of 100 Christmas games for families to play, for kids to play, or for Christmas parties. Be sure to pin this post so you can refer back to it every year. Family Christmas Games Christmas Family...

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