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It’s fun for me to see what posts were most popular with my readers in the past year. I’m sharing them with you for two reasons. First, you may have missed a good one! Second, these posts help me plan the content that best meets your needs in the coming year. If you have a request, I’d love to hear it via the comments or at psychowith6 at gmail . com.

Top 10 Sanity-Saving Posts of 2015

Now here are the top posts of 2015 in order. Click the titles to read.

#1 Ultimate List of Free Grammar Games

You should definitely pin this post so you can return to it to liven up your language arts studies this winter. Look for more ultimate list, grammar, and game posts in 2016.

#2 Why I Wasted My Education to Homeschool

If you’ve ever been criticized for giving up your education or job to homeschool, I think you’ll appreciate this post. It definitely prompted the most comments from like-minded moms. It was also a post about my faith in Jesus. Look for more faith-building posts in 2016.

#3 The Best Homeschool Science Curriculum

I wrote this post because researching curriculum is a real crazy-maker. If you’re looking for science curriculum for next year, definitely check it out. Even though this post was a huge investment of time, look for more “best curriculum” posts in 2016.

#4 6 More Crazy-Easy Crockpot Recipes

The crockpot is a huge sanity saver for me. Fortunately, my family loves the meals I make with it. If you want dump and dash recipes, check it out. Even though I love sharing these easy recipes, I’m not a food blogger. I can’t promise more posts like this in 2016. However, you can always find great crockpot recipes on my Pinterest board.

#5 What I Learned Sending My Son to Public School

I honestly expected to get a lot of push back about sending my child to a public high school. I am a homeschool blogger after all. But instead, I heard from so many of you that you were relieved to hear my story. I’m so glad. Expect to hear more honest stories about my homeschooling life this year that I hope will encourage you.

#6 The Most Motivating Homeschool Planner Ever

I discovered this quarterly planning method by accident, but it has been a huge sanity saver for me. I hope it works for some of you, too. My readers are crazy about printables and I plan to provide more of them in 2016.

#7 The Best Free Grammar Websites

This post has three magic words in it: best, free, and grammar. I was honestly surprised by the quality of the grammar websites available. I will be linking to these and other free grammar resources when I publish my elementary language arts curriculum in 2016. Just a personal note that the curriculum has taken me longer than I expected to finish, but I’m committed to it. I believe it can help kids become excellent readers and writers and these are critical skills for homeschool success.

#8 A Winter Workout for Kids

I have published other fitness articles like this one for moms that haven’t gotten the attention this one has. I think parents are really interested in keeping their kids active. Look for another post on this topic in 2016.

#9 10 Crazy Easy Homeschool Lunch Ideas

I wasn’t surprised that readers liked this post. It’s food, after all. And sandwiches and leftovers get boring. I won’t be sharing more lunch ideas in 2016, but definitely check my Pinterest board for more.

#10 The Solution to Sibling Rivalry

Kids who fight is a huge problem and there aren’t many good resources for dealing with it. I think this tool is a powerful one. I will definitely be sharing more on sibling rivalry as well as parenting in 2016.

Now it’s your turn: what do you plan to do more of next year? What do you plan to stop doing in 2016? Let me know how I can help this year.


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