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Sanity-Saving Curriculum Reviews


Few things are as valuable to a homeschooler as quality reviews. I hope the reviews I’ve shared here on Psychowith6 will be a blessing to you. I’ve also added any resource lists I’ve created here. You will want to subscribe to Psychowith6 because I’m adding reviews and resources all the time!

Art & Music


Hoffman Academy


365-Day Bible Trivia Challenge

Answers for Kids

Character Building for Families

Firm Foundations

Lessons in Responsibility


Complete Curricula

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations Resources

Thomas Jefferson Education


10K to Talent

PACWorks Practical Skills 


Adventurous Mailbox


America from the Beginning

Mystery of History

Mystery of History Vol I Videos

Language Arts

Adventurous Mailbox

IEW Teaching the Classics


DragonBox Algebra 5+

Learn Math Fast

Learn Math Fast Big Bookmark

Life of Fred


The Best Homeschool Science Curriculum

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