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Plan the Bible and character part of your curriculum for the upcoming homeschool year.This week we prepare our Bible and character curriculum. For me and my children, it is the most important subject we cover. Sometimes it’s more for me than for them! It’s hard to be impatient and lazy when you’re teaching your children on these subjects. If you don’t have to plan this aspect of your school year, either take this week off or look at the bottom of the post for a challenge you didn’t do or didn’t spend the necessary time on.

#1 Prep primary curriculum

There are many options for Bible curriculum, depending on your family’s beliefs. I have appreciated Firm Foundations which helps my children see Jesus in the entirety of Scripture. I don’t need much prep time in using it, except that I decided to use our laptop connected to our TV to look up all the verses at once on BibleGateway.com. I then have the kids take turns reading them. Having the kids look all of them up takes too long. We have also rotated through a curriculum that is no longer available that helps my children understand the Bible from a cultural and historical standpoint. I highly recommend using a similar curriculum for a year that does this at some point in your homeschooling. Finally, I can’t say enough about taking a year to teach apologetics as part of your Bible study. I have lent my Answers for Kids curriculum to friends who also loved it. My review can be found here. Take some time today to get your Bible materials organized for the new school year.

#2 Prep memory curriculum

I want my children to not just understand the Bible, and be able to defend the Bible, but hide the Word in their hearts. I use an out-of-print book for teaching the theme of each Bible book and the names in order. I use Memlok for Bible memory, doing it as a family on our screen. Nothing has been more effective for helping me memorize Scripture, though there are many options including church classes that can help. Today, spend time getting organized so Bible memory is a part of your family’s life. I have some ideas pinned for you on Pinterest.

#3 Prep character curriculum

One would hope that studying the Bible and memorizing God’s Word would automatically translate into godly character. I have found my kids need a little more help with this! I have enjoyed Character Building for Families and Lessons in Responsibility for this purpose. Each required different preparation. We used Character Education at breakfast and I read Lessons in Responsibility or had the kids read it on their own as part of their individual work. Take some time today to prepare your character study.

#4 Prep personal reading

My deepest desire is for my children to have a personal relationship with Jesus. If I teach them that Bible time is something we only do for school as a family, that’s less likely to happen. I have Bible reading listed as one of my children’s daily tasks in their planners, choose an age-appropriate Bible for them, and make sure it’s kept in a place that’s most convenient for reading. I wrote more about devotional time here.

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