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The Fall Bucket List Challenge

I love summer so much, that I honestly get a little blue this time of year. There’s nothing like making a fall bucket list to cheer me up. After all, the fall is prime time for homeschoolers. We can enjoy all kinds of field trips that would be too busy any other time of the year. So let’s get started!

#1 Discuss last fall

Talk about what you enjoyed most last fall and what you didn’t get to do that you wanted to. Hiking is a family favorite for us and my apple crunch pie is a must, but we’ve never seemed to make time to do a giant corn maze in the area.

#2 Research ideas

See what’s available in your area this fall. Your homeschool support group is invaluable for this, but be sure to check with your municipality, too. Of course, Pinterest is also a fabulous place to do some fall research. Here’s a list of ideas. I’ve pinned some cute fall craft and recipe ideas to the Organized Homeschool board.

#3 Complete bucket list

HomeschoolShare.com provides a free printable bucket list and a nice list of activities to add to it. 3 Dinosaurs provides three forms of bucket lists that kids can complete on their own (one standard, one with handwriting lines, and one with drawing boxes). What a great way to get the kids excited about being back to homeschool.

#4 Add ideas to the calendar and shop

We can pin and even complete bucket lists full of great fall ideas, but if we don’t add events to the calendar and any materials we need to our shopping list, nothing will happen. I add fall events to my calendar, even if I’m not sure we’ll go. That way I don’t miss anything! Right now I’m going to find out when Honeycrisp apples will be ready to pick at our local orchard. I hate missing that!

What are some of your must-do fall activities?


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