Tennis: A Perfect Homeschool Family Hobby

Tennis: A Perfect Homeschool Family Hobby

Tennis: A Perfect Homeschool Family HobbI had played tennis once before meeting my husband, who was an avid player, but I really liked the game. Once I had my first child, I took lessons through our adult continuing education program and loved it. I quit when I was six months pregnant with my second child and didn’t take lessons again until my youngest baby was two.

When I got into tennis, I didn’t realize what a blessing it was going to be. There are six reasons I think tennis is a perfect homeschool family hobby that I highly commend to you.

tennis family hobby

#1 It accommodates all ages

We have been able to involve our kids in the sport from the time they could walk. The youngest kids love to be the ball boy or girl and chase them all over the court.

My husband and I take turns hitting the ball with the older and younger kids and then play doubles with them. We now have enough players that we have to rotate them in.

Even though my son is a college student now, he still loves to play with the family.

When I first started playing in a league, many of the women I was playing with (and who were beating me!) were in their mid-80’s. Tennis is a hobby and sport that we and our children can play our whole lives, God willing.

#2 It’s inexpensive

My husband’s and my personal lessons were very inexpensive through the community college. While indoor court time can be pricey, we play for free outside any time weather permits. We live in Missouri where the weather often allows us to play at least a couple of times even in the dead of winter.

We have also been able to save money in the sport by:

  • taking advantage of low-priced lessons through our community center
  • enrolling the kids in group lessons (both homeschool classes and general)
  • taking advantage of free court time for practice during the day given to families of kids in group lessons
  • splitting private lessons as a family outdoors
  • asking skilled friends to give lessons
  • buying tennis racquet models from previous years

With respect to equipment, you can also save money by buying used racquets from a club or a friend.

tennis tournament


#3 It’s portable

Tennis is a hobby you can play almost anywhere. We have played together on most of our vacations. We just bring our racquets and some balls and we’re all set. It helps to break up the time spent at the lake or the beach. Our friends from Spain play and we enjoyed the sport when we vacationed together last year.

Tennis has also been something we’ve traveled to enjoy together. We took in a professional tournament last summer and it was a blast.

#4 It’s fun exercise

Tennis is a great way to get aerobic exercise without even realizing it. You’ll especially notice the workout if you play singles or just hit the ball back and forth rapidly. But anything is better for the family than sitting.

tennis family


#5 It’s competitive

Most of my kids love to compete and tennis gives them the opportunity. Last summer my four older boys were on two teams together. The practices were at the same time, so my oldest son was able to drive them. He also drove our next oldest son to their matches, leaving us with just one match we had to drive to.

Not every sport is easily accessible to homeschoolers, but for us, tennis has been. My kids haven’t entered junior tournaments as individuals, but the option is open to homeschoolers through junior USTA.

tennis family

#6 It’s a way to connect with extended family

We have had so much fun playing with my husband’s family on family trips and whenever my husband’s sister comes into town.

The kids’ cousins who aren’t tennis players will also join in the fun. Doubles accommodates the most ability levels. We have a lot of great tennis memories.

Does your homeschool family play tennis? Let’s talk about it on Homeschool Sanity on Facebook.

I hope you’ll consider the wonderful family hobby of tennis! But if it’s not for you, check out the other iHomeschool Network bloggers’ family hobbies.


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The Extra-Curricular Challenge: Week 29

The Extra-Curricular Challenge: Week 29

The Extra-Curricular Challenge. Get organized for your kids'  sports, outside classes, and activities.The thing about most homeschoolers is we aren’t home all that often. We love getting involved in classes, sports, and educational activities. Our biggest problem isn’t finding these opportunities; it’s deciding which to participate in!

This week we will get organized for these extra-curricular activities so they don’t overwhelm us at the beginning of the traditional school year.

#1 Discuss potential activities

I don’t recommend that you start with research. Overwhelm is the inevitable result of checking out every possibility. Talk with the kids about their ideas, but share yours, too. Parents are the ones who have to drive to activities, hang out during activities, and pay for the activities! Pray about the opportunities that will put the least stress on your family and may even be something you could enjoy together.

Our family has participated in a homeschool P.E. class for years. Everyone enjoys it and I have made numerous friends through it.

#2 Research

Once you have a short list of interests, find out what is available in your area and when. I find our homeschool support group invaluable for this kind of information. You can get the details and reviews of opportunities.

As you are making some decisions, try to combine outside activities on one or two days and see if allowances can be made to include younger siblings in the same classes to save you time. This summer, my four sons have been playing tennis on two times. My oldest son drives his brother to matches, all his brothers to practice (which is at the same time), leaving just one match we have to drive to. If only every activity could be that easy!

#3 Register

When you’ve made your final decisions, get registered. Fill out paperwork and pay any dues. Don’t put it off! I will never forget dragging four little ones to register for classes that were closed because I was at the end of the line. Don’t let this happen to you!

#4 Shop

Some classes will have a materials list. Others are sports that may require appropriate clothing or equipment. Shop today for these supplies or add them to your shopping list for your regular errand day.

Be sure to check the Organized Homeschool Pinterest board for great ideas for extra-curricular organization.

Here is the July Organized Homeschool Calendar and a list of previous weeks’ challenges:


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