The Charity Challenge: Week 43

The Charity Challenge: Week 43

The charity challenge: make a bigger impact by planning your giving together. Don't miss deadlines for holiday giving with these important steps.I’ll admit it. I’ve missed opportunities to give to charities like Samaritan’s Purse because I wasn’t organized. This week, we will make sure this doesn’t happen again! With the holidays approaching, charities and ministries are counting on our gifts of time and money. Here’s how to get started:

#1 Discuss options and pray

The number of charities and ministries vying for my family’s time and money is frankly overwhelming. I need to consult with my husband and children about where God is calling us to give. Of course, we don’t want to be so planned that we can’t respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. But neither do we want to be wondering what to do about every need.

You may have discussed your budget for charitable giving during the Organize Your Finances Challenge. If not, this is the time to talk about how much money the Lord is calling you to give, aside from your tithe. Of course, that amount can change, but at least you will know approximate limits. You will also need to talk about your schedule and whether you can commit to one-time or ongoing service.

Make a list of charities you already give to or have the opportunity to give to. Pray about them and come to agreement about how you will invest the time and money God has blessed your family with. One thing you may want to consider is the personal connections God has used to introduce you to ministries. For example, we often give to missionaries we know personally because they know the needs of the people they’re working with and ensure the money gets to the people. That isn’t to say we don’t give to organizations where there is no personal connection, but our loyalty is to those we know.

#2 Research

Once you have selected charities you would like to get involved with or to continue supporting, find out where the greatest needs are or where your family is uniquely suited to be of assistance. Many ministries have specific requests during the holidays, for example. Others may have days set aside for volunteers. Last year, we helped pack meals for Feed My Starving Children and I was so thrilled that:

  • My children were allowed to help
  • Our family learned what a blessing it is to have food to eat and to have an education
  • We discovered how much fun it can be to volunteer

I’m thankful that our good friend found out about this ministry and has been the liaison between our homeschooling group and the church sponsoring the ministry. We learned when they most need our help so we can volunteer again this week.

#3 Use your calendar and reminders

Add any deadlines or dates you find to your calendar for the upcoming months. I’ve had our meal packing day on the calendar for weeks so I wouldn’t plan anything else for that time. If, for example, you learn that your shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse are due in early November, set up a reminder at least a week ahead to take the kids shopping for items to fill them.

#4 Organize

Many of the charities we support (including our church) want us to buy gifts for needy children. If I don’t plan for this and keep them in order, I can end up spending too much money or getting confused about why I bought what I bought. I love to shop for these gifts online during Black Friday week. I find fabulous deals on toys my kids are too old for or already have. I buy them to use for charity gifts. I keep them organized before I wrap them with the mGifts app.  You can also use a Christmas gift list like this one.

If you make gifts for charities or ministries, set up a gift making station. If possible, make an assembly line and let your kids get in on the action.

If you or your children are donating money to a charity, you may want to create a giving jar so the giving is tangible for kids. Or prepare a giving jar like this one with ideas for serving others. It’s definitely not too early to get started!

Do you need to get organized to give like I do?

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Binder Printables, Foreign Language Resources & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

Binder Printables, Foreign Language Resources & More: What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week

homeschool, printables, free, binder, foreign language

This week’s post serves as a to-do list for me. In fact, after I hit publish, I am going to make good use of these links. I hope you’re as excited about them as I am.

ScHomeschool photos with free printableshool Binder with Printables

Every year I give the kids new binders. Some years I have had them decorate their own and others I have designed my own covers. I love that Thirty Handmade Days has made covers for me and more. There is also an About Me page for your kids to record a snapshot of their lives that just screams to be scrapbooked. Update: here’s my daughter’s photo using one of the printables.



Kids’ Tabletop Surprises

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I was so excited. I absolutely love surprises and so do my kids. Teach Mama provides ideas for leaving materials on the table with instructions for creativity. I would love to use supplies I already have to get the kids’ creative juices flowing about once a week.

Secret Service for a Day Activity & Printable

Speaking of clever ideas…how about turning acts of service into a secret service agent role play? The kids won’t groan when you tell them it’s time to think of others using the free printables from the Melissa and Doug blog.

Family Time Activity Jar with Printable

If you’re like me, you’re loaded down with creative learning ideas, but when it comes to family time, you aren’t sure what to do. Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling comes to the rescue. Print out the ideas, cut them up, put them in a jar and voila! You can surprise your family with some fun.

Learn Spanish with Free Podcasts

If you missed my post about our student from Spain, I think you’ll enjoy it. We’re all more motivated to learn Spanish now and I love the idea of improving our skills with podcasts. I need to subscribe and have my high school sophomore subscribe, too.

Sometimes You Just Need to Quit

I can still remember my first day of homeschooling when my plans went awry within the first 15 minutes. As we embark on this new school year, the 2:1 Conference blog writer has some good advice. Sometimes we just need to quit.

Check out the iHomeschool Networks student photo blog hop and follow me on Pinterest for more sanity savers like these.




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