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It's time to create a plan for Christmas, so you can have an organized, peaceful holiday. Do these short steps and you'll be ready!Is it still too early for you to think about Christmas? I understand. But every year that I’ve delayed thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving has been disappointing. This week, we will begin the process of planning for Christmas, so come December, the holiday will be even more enjoyable.

#1 Discuss last Christmas

What did you and your family especially love about last year’s celebration? Was there anything that you wanted to do, but didn’t? Discuss this now and take notes.

#2 Set up planner

Last year, I used a Christmas planner for the first time and it made life easier. There are great free Christmas printables like this set to get you started. I’ve pinned others to the Organized Homeschool board. Christmas is a big project when you think about it and it requires one place to keep all your information.

If you prefer a digital solution, you could plan Christmas on Pinterest, making liberal use of secret boards or in Evernote.

I wrote about my difficult time with the Elf on the Shelf. Maybe this elf planning calendar could help? I’ll add it to my planner.

#3 Add events to calendar

Now is the time to add all of the events your family wants to attend to the calendar: the church Christmas program, the extended family Christmas party, the live Nativity scene, the medieval Christmas feast, the neighborhood caroling event, the toy drive, and the lights display. Even if you aren’t sure you will attend, I recommend adding the dates to your calendar, including any deadlines.

While you’re at it, add any associated to-do’s to your planner or incorporate them into your task management system.

#4 Plan ideas for making it meaningful

Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of our Savior and for making memories. What could you do to enhance your worship of Christ during Advent? Celebrate Jesus, an Advent study, is one idea. Last year, I took these free printable Advent Scriptures, put them in decorated, numbered take-out boxes along with a fun family activity. It was such a relief not to try to come up with candy or small gifts for all the kids each day and we made wonderful memories. This holiday bucket list and this Advent list can give you some ideas. Be sure to check the Organized Homeschool board for even more choices.

Have a favorite meaningful Christmas tradition? Please tell me about it in the comments.
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