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The Christmas Shopping Challenge -- get organized to get it done!In another week or so, the Christmas sales begin in earnest. Let’s take a little time to get organized this week so we can take advantage of them.

#1 Make gift shopping list

I will admit that I get a little excited when I see things on sale–sometimes to the point that I buy things I don’t need. Before we start our search for deals, let’s make a list of exactly what we need for gifts. Use the planner links from The Christmas Plan Challenge or grab this AMAZING free planner from HEDUA.

What gifts do you need for:

  • immediate family
  • extended family
  • homeschool friends / groups / teachers
  • church friends / groups / teachers
  • mail carriers / hair dresser / other service providers
  • charity

#2 Make clothing & other shopping list

Now we’re ready to make a list of clothing needed for the holidays, but don’t limit yourself to that. This is the time of year to buy any type of clothing. Many stores have summer clothes on sale as well, so shop now for next year.

This is also a great time to purchase other items you know you will need in the coming year. Is your computer nearing the end of its life? Buy one now on sale, so you’re prepared.

Are there any non-perishables you need for holiday baking and cooking? Add them to the list and avoid the long lines.

#3 Research flyers & sites

Is your mailbox full of catalogs? If you don’t have any gift needs that can be met by a particular catalog, recycle it right away so you’re not tempted. Do the same with sales flyers that come with the newspaper if you get it. If you do find something you need on sale, add the particular sale price information (and any coupons) to your planner so you can compare.

I’m not one to shop the stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but I love to shop online. When it comes to clothing for myself (I purchase most of my clothing this time of year), I usually order only from stores that have a physical location nearby. It makes returns much less of a hassle. Check out your favorite websites for deals and check out bfads.net. This website does a great job of sharing the best deals. I also love to check Amazon’s Lightning deals at this time of year. I already scored a great deal on a Christmas gift for my college student!

I highly recommend you start your online shopping with Ebates. Doing so can earn you significant cash back. Just set up an account and click on the store of your choice. Shop as usual and get money back!

#4 Add sale dates to calendar

Once you know where you want to shop and for what, it’s time to add the days and times to your calendar. I like to set reminders on my iPhone for lightning deals.

The great news is the window for getting good deals has expanded greatly. Last year, for example, the online sales started the week of Thanksgiving. This year, you can already get great discounts. Gone are the days when you had to sit by the computer on Thanksgiving night waiting for the clock to read midnight. Happy shopping!

Are you a Black Friday shopper at the stores or online?

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